50 Hottest Features of Salesforce Summer ’23 Release

Explore the 50 hottest features of Salesforce Summer ’23 Release in a flash! Extracted from our “1 Day 1 Tip 1 Minute” Emails, you can now master the latest updates in just under 50 minutes. It’s like a summer splash of innovation, without the sunburn! 🌞

Click on the feature to view a short description, screenshot and link to release note article.

  1. ​Improved Color Contrast in UI Elements​
  2. ​Undo Field Changes with a Click​
  3. ​More LWC Enabled Objects with Improved Performance​
  4. ​Align Fields Horizontally in Field Sections​
  5. ​Clone Lightning Apps in App Manager​
  6. ​Manage Salutation Picklist Values in Lightning Experience​
  7. ​Create Quotes Without a Related Opportunity​
  8. ​Log Emails Sent with the Send Email Action in Flow​
  9. ​Use Email Templates Directly in Salesforce Flows​
  10. ​Unify All Your Analytics in the Analytics Home​
  11. ​Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists (Beta)​
  12. ​Set Field-Level Security (FLS) on Permission Sets (GA)​
  13. ​Delegated Admins Can Now Assign Permission Set Groups​
  14. ​Automate Assignments to Users with User Access Policy​
  15. ​Enable Search in Data Table in Salesforce Flow​
  16. ​Creating New Processes Using Process Builder is Disabled​
  17. ​Enable Dynamic Forms for Mobile (Beta)​
  18. ​Increase Productivity with Calendar Enhancements​
  19. ​Data Table Can Now Display 1500 records in Salesforce Flow​
  20. ​View Calendar with One Click​
  21. ​Optimize App Pages with Accordion and Tabs Components​
  22. ​Control Who Can Use Organization-Wide Email Addresses​
  23. ​Configure Searchable Objects for Each User Profile (Beta)​
  24. ​Logos, News, & Automated Fields on Account Object Are Being Retired​
  25. ​See Object Names in Record Tabs​
  26. ​New Features in Salesforce Chrome Extension​
  27. ​Unified Analytics Home now in GA​
  28. ​Link Contacts to Cases in Email-to-Case​
  29. ​Search Improvements on Email Messages​
  30. ​Make HTTP Callout using POST Method from Flow​
  31. ​One File to Install Data Loader on macOS or Windows​
  32. ​Set Your Users’ Session Timeout to 90 Minutes​
  33. ​Enable Updates to Email Message Related Records​
  34. ​Separate Section for Flow User Permissions​
  35. ​Stay on Top of Incidents with the Enhanced Incident Alerts Utility​
  36. ​Query Five Levels of Parent-to-Child Relationships in SOQL Queries ​
  37. ​Update Screens in Real-time with Reactive Screens in Flow​
  38. ​Use Meeting Digest for RSVPs, Insights & Recommended Actions​
  39. ​Verify Org-Wide Email Address to Send Automated Process Emails​
  40. ​New Salesforce Feedback Management Developer Guide​
  41. ​Screen Flow – Let Users Easily Select with Choice Lookup​
  42. ​Declaratively Edit External Services Created by HTTP Callout​
  43. ​Enable Faster Account Sharing Recalculation​
  44. ​Migrate Processes with Scheduled Action to Flow​
  45. ​Use Gender-Neutral Salutations​
  46. ​Limit the Number of Inactive Picklist Values​
  47. ​Verify User Email Addresses​
  48. ​Use the Iterable Interface with Set & List​
  49. ​Set Up and Maintain Backups More Easily​
  50. ​Migrate to Hyperforce with Hyperforce Assistant​

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