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Salesforce Flows Test

Step by Step Guide to Automate Testing of Salesforce Flows Declaratively

With Summer ’22 Release, you can automate testing of Salesforce Flows by creating it declaratively. Learn how with this step-by-step guide.

Salesforce Single Sign-On SSO with Google

Step By Step Guide to Setting Up SSO in Salesforce with Google

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to access multiple applications with one set of credentials. They don’t need to remember the …

Salesforce Connections 2022

Salesforce Connections 2022 (#CNX22) – Key Takeaways from Keynote

Salesforce Connections 2022 – Here is a presentation highlighting the key slides and takeaways from #CNX22 that took place on June 8-9, 2022



Master the Future of Automation in Salesforce


A Course for ALL Salesforce Professionals


#SalesforceWinter23 – Salesforce Winter ’23 Pre-Release Org

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter23 Salesforce Winter ’23 Pre-Release Org is now available for sign up at this URL.

A Quick Tutorial on Salesforce SOQL

#1MinuteTip You use SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) to query data from Salesforce Objects. Here is a quick tutorial video on SOQL Basics from Salesforce Developers.

#SalesforceSummer22 – Natural Language Search for Knowledge Articles

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSummer22 You can now use Natural language search (NLS) for Knowledge Articles in Salesforce. NLS recognizes what you’re searching for as you filter articles by publication, status, creation date, or author.

Salesforce Order of Execution Overview

#1MinuteTip Here is an overview of order of execution in Salesforce when you save a record. Learn in what sequence the different components (like triggers, flows, assignment rules, escalation rules etc.) get executed.

#SalesforceSummer22 – Restriction Rules Now Supported on External Objects

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSummer22 Restriction Rules are now supported on External Objects in Salesforce. With this the external data source will only return records that meet the record criteria defined in the restriction rule.

A Junior Developer Fixing Bugs

#1MinuteTip A junior developer fixing bugs. I can so relate to this. 😊


Useful Resources: Salesforce Events and Conferences

There are various Salesforce events and conferences happening throughout the year. It includes the official events organized by Salesforce itself …

Useful Resources: Mind Mapping Tools

A Mind Mapping Tool is a visual way to organize your thoughts and ideas and is great for brainstorming. You …

Useful Resources: CI/CD Tools

In simple terms, you will use a CI/CD (stands “Continous Integration” & “Continuous Delivery”) tool in Salesforce to deploy metadata …

Useful Resources: Salesforce Video Channels

Here is a list of resources where you are going to find videos on webinars, sessions, tutorials, tips & tricks …

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