1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceWinter24 – Enhancement to User Access Policy Filters

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now reference a total of three permission sets, permission set groups in your user access policy filters, making it easier to target your intended users.

#SalesforceWinter24 – No. of Permission Set Groups a Permission Set is Assigned To

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now see a count of how many permission set groups a specific permission set is included in.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Easily Identify AppExchange Solution Types

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 It is now easy to identify the AppExchange solution type by looking at the solution type badge.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Save Flow Without Configuring Some Elements

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 Now you can configure flows faster by saving flows before some elements are fully configured.

#SalesforceWinter24 – New Flow Type – Data Cloud Triggered Flow

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now start a Data Cloud-Triggered Flow based on changes in a data model object or calculated insight object.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Transform Your Data in Flows (Beta)

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 Transform collections of data between flow resources with the new Transform element in Flow Builder.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Select Who Has Access to the Sandbox When Creating or Refreshing

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now explicitly specify who should have access to the sandbox when creating or refreshing a sandbox.

#DF23 Dreamforce 2023 Salesforce Announces Einstein 1 Platform

#1MinuteTip #DF23 Today at Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce announced the new Einstein 1 Platform that features major advancements for Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein AI capabilities.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Transfer Ownership of Lightning Dashboards (Beta)

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now allow users to transfer the ownership of the dashboards when responsibilities change or the dashboard creator leaves your organization.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Troubleshoot Permission Set Group Errors

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 To troubleshoot permission set group errors, you can now look at the error message & recalculate manually.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Report on Public Group Members in Salesforce

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now report on “Public Group Members” to see which users, roles, & other groups have been added to the group.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Migrate to Hyperforce with Hyperforce Assistant

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can migrate to Hyperforce with help from Hyperforce Assistant, which is now GA for Production & Sandbox orgs.

#SalesforceWinter24 – HTTP Callout in Flows Now Supports GET, POST, PUT, PATCH & DELETE Methods

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 HTTP Callout in Salesforce Flows now supports GET, POST, PUT, PATCH & DELETE Methods.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Create Custom Error Messages in Record-Triggered Flows

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now use the new Custom Error Message element to perform complex validations in Flows that previously required writing Apex triggers.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Reactive Display Text Component in Screen Flow

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now configure a Display Text component to react to changes in other components on the same screen.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Use More Formula Functions in Reactive Screens

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now use SUBSTITUTE, ADDMONTHS, and ^ formula functions in screen flow to perform real-time logic.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Reactive Choice Lookup Component in Screen Flow

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now use choice components to respond to user selections elsewhere on the same screen.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Custom Settings & Labels Are Now Reactive Global Variables in Screen Flow

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now reference Custom Settings & Custom Labels in reactive formulas in a screen flow.

#SalesforceWinter24 – See Object & Field API Names in Permission Sets

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 When you configure object & field permissions in permission sets, the API Names are also displayed with labels.

#SalesforceWinter24 – Open Reports and Dashboards in Multiple Tabs

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 You can now open multiple reports & dashboards in individual tabs. Previously, you could open only one report at a time.

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