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Learn Salesforce Skills with Salesforce Days

#1MinuteTip Fast Track your Salesforce expertise. Learn Salesforce Skills with Salesforce Days.

Salesforce Days is an immersive experience designed to empower all types of learners and supports Salesforce partners and those new to the Ecosystem in growing their capacity and capability.

You can search by different tracks (e.g. Start your Journey, Build Your Business, Credential Prep or Tech Talks), different categories (e.g. Architect, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platforms, Slack etc.) and by different time zones (AMER, APAC, EMEA, LATAM).

The learning starts from Jun 1, 2022 and goes on till Aug 31, 2022.

Visit this URL to register.

Learn Salesforce Skills with Salesforce Days

AppExchange: Graphics Pack from Salesforce Labs

#1MinuteTip Graphics Pack is a package from Salesforce Labs on AppExchange that contains hundreds of images / icons that can be used in salesforce applications for tabs, image formulas, and Visualforce pages.

A picture is worth a thousand words so why not jazz up your Salesforce Org with relevant images from this pack. For example, display high priority cases with a red flag 🚩 or a high value opportunity with 💰. You get the idea.

Graphics Pack from Salesforce Labs

Here is the link to get the package on AppExchange. And here is a blog post on how to use it in image formulas – Jazz your records up with images.

User Mode Database Operations in Salesforce Apex to Enforce Security

#1MinuteTip Came across this tweet on user Mode Database Operations in Salesforce Apex presented in TrailblazerDX 2022 (#TDX22).

Now there is a new way to enforce user level security in your Apex code with syntax like:

INSERT AS USER new Account(Name = 'GenWatt Throwback') ;
Account a = [SELECT Id, Name FROM Account
              WHERE Support__c = 'Premier' WITH USER_MODE] ;
a.Rating = 'Hot' ;

You can view/download the full presentation from this URL.

The Exchange: AppExchange Quarterly Magazine – Spring 2022

#1MinuteTip The AppExchange Quarterly Magazine Spring 2022 is now available to download from this URL. This issue contains

  • Spring Cleaning for Salesforce Data – Five data-cleansing techniques
  • 3 Ways to Create a Transformational Automation-First Employee Experience
  • Our Favourite Trailblazers – Benafsha Irani
  • The Power of Search Intelligence
  • Phenomenal Women – Salesforce MVPs who inspire us on International Women’s Day and Beyond
  • Three Steps to a Successful Sandbox Strategy
  • Meet Telsi – AppExchange’s 10 Millionth Installer
  • and more…
AppExchange Quarterly Magazine Spring 2022

New Certification – Salesforce Strategy Designer

#1MinuteTip Salesforce has introduced a new certification called “Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer”.

As per the exam guide, this certification is meant for people who “create value by aligning an organization around and directing the design of systems-level solutions toward desired business and user outcomes. Focus on what is important, not urgent, and deliver results through a combination of tangible and intangible/relational work.”

For complete details on this certification please navigate to the certification home page on Trailhead.

Salesforce Strategy Designer Certification

Is Slack Replacing Chatter? What is Salesforce’s Roadmap & Strategy?

Is Slack Replacing Chatter? What is Salesforce's Roadmap & Strategy?

#1MinuteTip In the session “True to the Core” during TrailblazerDX 2022 one of the questions from the community was “What is the roadmap and strategy for Slack Vs. Chatter”? And here are some of the key takeaways from the response given by Salesforce’s Leadership Team.

  • Salesforce is going to support both, at least for the time being.
  • Somethings worked well in Slack – like groups and channels.
  • Somethings worked well in Chatter – like object-based communications (i.e. Chatter feeds sitting directly on objects). Currently, there isn’t any direct translation of this in Slack.
  • The future is Slack.
  • Salesforce currently hasn’t figured out how the object-based communication will look like in Slack and is asking its customers to help them figure it out.

So, in short, the future is Slack and Salesforce is going to support both till it figures out how to move object-based communications to Slack. Here is the URL to play the session on-demand on Salesforce+. Please jump to 33:03 minutes on the timeline for this question.

Best Practices with Salesforce Apex in 2022

#1MinuteTip Time to review / update your Apex best practices in Salesforce. Here is exactly what you need. In TrailblazerDX 2022 (#TDX22), Mohit Shrivastava & Kevin Poorman from Salesforce did a presentation on the same and have very kindly shared the presentation with everyone.

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