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Coaching works because people learn by doing what they would have done anyway - just smarter, faster, better, and with support and feedback.
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Welcome to the premier destination for Salesforce coaching and mentoring! With a passion for technology and a deep-rooted love for Salesforce, I’ve dedicated years to mastering this state-of-the-art dynamic platform, earning 34 certifications, 1200 trailhead badges and helping thousands through more than 150 actionable step-by-step guides, training courses, webinars & workshops. 

Now, I’m excited to offer personalized coaching and mentoring services designed to propel your Salesforce journey. Whether you’re transitioning into the Salesforce ecosystem, aiming to elevate your current role, or seeking guidance to master Salesforce concepts, you’re in the right place. Embarking on a Salesforce career journey requires not just technical knowledge but also insights, strategies, and guidance from someone who’s been there and done that. My coaching and mentoring services are tailored to ensure you navigate this path with confidence and expertise.

Let’s embark on a transformative journey together and unlock your full potential in the world of Salesforce. Here is what I offer under coaching & mentoring on Salesforce (please note that this is a paid service):

Salesforce Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Identify Career Options

Whether you are:

  • a fresher aspiring to have a career in Salesforce,
  • an individual looking to make a career change to Salesforce or
  • already a Salesforce professional looking to grow in your career

I will help you understand the different career paths available and determine which role may suit you best based on your skills, interests and experience.

I will also chart your course if you want to transition from an admin to a developer, from a developer to an architect or from your current role to something specific in Salesforce.

Get a Personalized Learning Path

Once you know where you want to go, the next step will be to create a roadmap to get there. I will help you navigate through the jungle of information on the Internet, avoid getting confused and overwhelmed and guide you on the learning path recommending specific courses, trailhead modules, certifications and resources to help you reach your goal faster.

Resume and Interview Preparation

As a coach, I will help review your resume and provide feedback. I will also conduct mock interviews to prepare you for real job interviews, providing feedback on your performance and areas of improvement.

Technical Guidance

Just giving the roadmap and leaving you on your own in your journey may not be sufficient. From time-to-time you may need someone to hold your hand and help you cross the road. For example:

  • As a Salesforce admin you may need advice on how to solution a complex business requirement in Salesforce 
  • As a Salesforce consultant you may want someone to review your solution design and provide feedback
  • As a Salesforce developer you want someone to review your code and ensure that it well-written with all the best practices 
  • As a Salesforce architect, you need to create a presentation to recommend a DevOps process for your client and don’t know where to start
  • Or maybe you are working on a complex project and need someone to be your sounding board for brainstorming ideas, discussing solution designs, identifying gaps, validating your effort estimates etc.

With more than 12 years of experience in Salesforce ecosystem, having accumulated 34 Salesforce certifications and 1200+ trailhead badges, and having worked as Senior Program Architect with Salesforce in Singapore as an advisor to large MNCs on their multi-year, multi-million dollar Salesforce implementations, I am in a unique position to help you navigate through the technical complexities of Salesforce implementations.  Examples include:

  • Help you understand and master specific topics in Salesforce like Flows, APIs, Single Sign On, Identity Management etc.
  • Guide you on coming up with a solution for your business requirements
  • Review your solution design and provide feedback
  • Mentor you on creating diagrams (system landscape, data model) using Salesforce Diagramming Framework
  • Help you review your presentations and documents and provide feedback
  • Help you create your own personal library of reusable assets, documentation templates, best practices, technical & design standards 
  • Guide you on using person productivity tools, managing your work & task list, taking notes, doing R&D etc.
  • and more…

If you’re passionate about forging a successful path in the Salesforce domain and seek a mentor who can guide, inspire, and share practical wisdom, let’s connect and begin your transformative journey.

Next Steps

How This Works?​


Schedule a Discussion

Schedule a no-obligation complimentary discussion to share your aspirations and expectations from coaching & mentoring. If your needs fall outside my expertise, I’ll provide guidance on the next steps or potential alternatives.


Make Payment

If I will be able to help you with your aspirations and goals, and you want to engage me as your coach and mentor, make payment through the payment link that will be provided to you.

(I provide 100% money back guarantee on my coaching & mentoring service. If you are not happy with what you get, just let me know and I will refund your last payment with no questions asked. Period. )


Start Your Journey

I will set you up on our Academy, where a dedicated space will be created for you to communicate and collaborate with me. Here, you will be able to ask questions, clarify doubts and schedule 101 calls. To have a look & feel of this dedicated space on the Academy, please click here.

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