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If you are a nonprofit organization looking for help with your Salesforce implementation, we are extending our hand to help.

Inspired by Salesforce’s 1-1-1 philanthropic model and Marc Benioff’s “Doing well and doing good” philosophy, we are offering our services to nonprofit organizations pro bono

Non-Profits usually lack staff, funding, or technical expertise to perform their business efficiently. Hence, most of their processes are manual, labor intensive and time consuming. But it need not be. With Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud you can completely transform the way you work and be more structured, efficient, and productive.

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud is a powerful platform that can help you manage constituents, donations, fundraising, programs, engagement, and volunteer activities. Salesforce offers 10 Enterprise licenses to all the eligible Nonprofit Organizations for FREE and deep discounts on additional licenses. 

And once you get licenses from Salesforce, we will help you configure and use Salesforce. Our services include:

For new implementation of Salesforce

  • Implementation of Salesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack), Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud (previously known as Community Cloud), etc.
  • Understanding your business requirements
  • Coming up with a solution design
  • Creating a Proof of Concept
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Testing
  • Training 
  • Support
  • Documentation, knowledge transfer and handover

For existing implementation of Salesforce

  • Training to IT and End Users
  • Documentation of existing Salesforce Implementation
  • Review of existing Salesforce Implementation
  • Fine Tuning of existing Salesforce Implementation

But, why should you trust us?

I have worked as Senior Program Architect in Salesforce that includes being a strategic advisor to CIO, CTO and Enterprise Architecture team on large-scale Salesforce implementation projects. And with 10+ years of experience on Salesforce, 34 Certifications and 1200+ trailhead badges later, you can be rest assured that I know my craft. I am also a Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant.

While working with Salesforce, I have helped the following nonprofits with their Salesforce implementation.

How do you contact us?

Please submit the contact form here with the following details. Please also mention ‘Pro Bono Salesforce Work’ in the subject line.

  • Your Name & Email
  • Organization Name
  • Website URL (if any)
  • Location: City, Country
  • Do you already have Salesforce License?
  • Brief description of your requirements

Once we receive your inquiry, we will schedule an initial call with you to go through your requirements, timeframe and other details and we’ll come up with the next steps together.

We look forward to being a consulting partner in your digital transformation journey so that you can deliver on your mission more effectively!

And thank you 🙏  for doing what you do to make this world a better place.

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