Salesforce Advisory & Consulting

Here are the services that I provide as a freelance Salesforce architect & trainer. All my services are on core Salesforce CRM suite of products that includes Core Salesforce Platform, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Financial Services Cloud & anything else on the core platform. 

Please note that currently I do not provide any services on Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Commerce Cloud, Heroku, Tableau, Mulesoft or anything outside of Core CRM platform.


Advisory & Consulting

Whether you’re implementing Salesforce for the first time or seeking enhancements, it’s vital to ensure the solution aligns with your business needs. Following Salesforce’s well-architected framework, the solution needs to be trusted, easy & adaptable. 


Training & Workshops

Empower your team with expert Salesforce training. Whether you’re looking to educate architects, admins, consultants, or end users, I bring years of experience in crafting step-by-step guides, tailored training programs, and engaging workshops.


Ad-Hoc Consultation

While in-depth projects have their merits, sometimes all you need is a quick consultation to address immediate concerns. Recognizing this, I offer short-term and ad-hoc consultation services tailored to your needs.


Salesforce Org Assessment

The longer you utilize Salesforce, the more essential it becomes to ensure its health and integrity. Regular assessments of your Salesforce org are crucial, not just for its current performance but also to ensure it remains robust & efficient in future.


Proof of Concept/Prototyping

Innovation blossoms through exploration. Whether bursting with novel ideas or navigating complex challenges, delving into proof of concept or prototyping offers a tangible way to gauge possibilities. Let’s collaborate and bring your ideas to life.


Effort Estimation & Validation

Accurate effort estimation is the cornerstone of successful project implementation. Whether you’re a SI formulating an implementation estimate or a customer with an in-house team, having a clear, realistic picture of the required effort is paramount.



In the intricate world of Salesforce implementation, documentation often becomes a linchpin for clarity and direction. While modern development practices deprioritize extensive documentation, having a foundational set of documents remains pivotal. 



Building the right team is crucial for the success of any Salesforce project. If you’re in the process of hiring Salesforce professionals but feel constrained by time or lack the specific expertise to evaluate candidates effectively, I’m here to assist.



Having expert advice at your fingertips can be a game-changer, especially when navigating the complexities of Salesforce. If you’re seeking the insights of a Salesforce architect without the commitment of a full-time position, my retainer services are tailored for you.



Every Salesforce journey is unique, and you might have specific requirements or challenges that haven’t been addressed in the sections above. Whether it’s a niche requirement, a novel challenge, or simply a desire for specialized consultation, I’m here to listen and assist.

Next Steps

Need help with any of the things mentioned above? All you need to do is to schedule  a discussion and we will take it from there.

1. Schedule a discussion

Schedule a no-obligation complimentary discussion to share your requirements and expectations. If your needs fall outside our expertise, we’ll provide guidance on the next steps or potential alternatives.

2. Make payment

If we will be able to help you with your requirements, and you want to engage us for our advisory & consultancy services, make payment through the payment link that will be provided to you.

3. GET STarted

We will set you up at our Academy, where a dedicated space will be created for you to communicate and collaborate with us. To have a look & feel of this dedicated space on the Academy, please click here.

(We provide 100% money back guarantee on our advisory & consultancy services. If you are not happy with what you get, just let us know and we will refund your last payment with no questions asked. Period.)

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