#240 The step-by-step really helped me go from not know what an API is to actually using one to control records in Salesforce!

– Xuan on A 60 Minutes Step-By-Step DIY Guide to Salesforce REST API for Non-Developers via Feedback form on 23-Feb-2022

#239 Your information and guidance is wonderful. I have really made strides in understanding flows. I can read them and find any gaps, additional needs. But i have not had an Ah – ha moment on creating them from scratch. Just takes practice.

– April on Data Classification Settings in Salesforce – A Step By Step Guide via Feedback form on 22-Feb-2022

#238 Hi I found the link to the Trailhead articles especially helpful. Before finding this pdf, I used to search Trailhead articles for every single topics, and was turning out to be quite time consuming and hectic.
This study guide definitely provided a lot of relevant resources at the reach of my hand so that I can focus on learning.

– Aleena on A Comprehensive Study Guide On Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam via Feedback form on 17-Feb-2022

#237 Hi Ashish,
I must appreciate the way you articulated the content with proper screenshots, which is very helpful to enable anyone with the concept.

– Varun on How to Generate and Use QR Code in Salesforce via Feedback form on 16-Feb-2022

#236 I am an attorney and seeking to learn about Salesforce and CRM. The presentation was very good for early learners.

– Jay on 26 Different Monitoring & Auditing Tools in Salesforce via Feedback form on 04-Feb-2022

#235 Your PDF is very useful in study. As it give links based on topic , it make easy to understand and revise the topics

– Namrata on A Comprehensive Study Guide On Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam via Feedback form on 02-Feb-2022

#234 The step-by-step screenshots were definitely a big help, but the main thing that I loved about this was how it organized the many objects and elements in an easy to follow guide. This particular object has so many different pieces and relations that it was quite overwhelming until we found your blog post.

– Pam on Step-by-Step Guide To Consent Management in Salesforce via Feedback form on 26-Jan-2022

#233 The blog is easy to follow and understand. I really liked the step-by-step screenshots with callout as it helps in understanding new concepts clearly. The PDF is super helpful in guiding to the right path to learn LWC.

– Ruchita on A Compilation of All Learning Resources on Lightning Web Components via Feedback form on 18-Jan-2022

#232 Step-by-step screenshots were by far the most useful. Really excellent and well done, and totally removed any confusion.

– Sam on Step-by-Step Guide To Consent Management in Salesforce via Feedback form on 12-Jan-2022

#231 Hi Ashish,

I have now gotten around to attending and finishing the course and it was super helpful. As an admin that hasn’t had the time to fully sit down and understand all the aspects of Salesforce Flows, this has given me a much better understanding of the basics, as well as more confidence to tackle any upcoming flow requests that may be coming my way at work! 🙂

I particularly appreciated your way of explaining everything step-by-step in a slow and clear way. It was also super helpful to hear the participant’s questions and comments throughout the modules.

I look forward to attending future courses provided by you.

Have a great weekend.

– Maija on on Course: Mastering Salesforce Flows  via Email 07-Jan-2022

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