#120 The content is very rich. The step by step screenshots are really very helpful.

– Carlos on How to Integrate Salesforce with Twitter, Facebook, Blog & 100s of Other Apps via Survey on 28-Dec-20

#119 It was explained well enough that someone with no knowledge on how to install packages was able to do it.

– Eduardo on Step By Step Guide On Getting Started with Conga Composer in Salesforce via Survey on 21-Dec-20

#118 As I mentioned earlier, I am new user to be familiar with full functionality and user interface of the conga composer. Certainly your blog post helped me to find where are templates which were created by earlier consultant. With your blog post, I am able to locate them and tweak a bit. (though I am yet to create from the scratch new template and using it). Thank you so much for your time and helping out the community. Much appreciated your efforts Sir.

– Vishnu on Step By Step Guide On Getting Started with Conga Composer in Salesforce via Survey on 17-Dec-20

#117 Nice layout of the complicated process, making it easy to remember.

– Bill on Order of Execution (Rules, Triggers etc.) in Salesforce & Debug Log via Survey on 07-Dec-20

#116 Hi Ashish – awesome work you are doing !! Very much enjoyed your PDF on how to create a custom object from Salesforce !!

– Pranav via LinkedIn Message on 02-Dec-20

#115 I honestly enjoyed both your blog and PDF so much. It was very clear and seamless.

– Abigail on Data Classification Settings in Salesforce – A Step By Step Guide via Survey on 02-Dec-20

#114 Love your Salesforce site and information. As a Tech. Writer, I have to say, you do a great job of communicating things simply and effectively! Best to you and your business.

– Kristin via LinkedIn Message 27-Nov-20

#113 Articles are easy to read an I’m found of the 1mn tip. So easy and fast to read

– Fabrice on 1 Minute Tips  via Survey on 24-Nov-20

#112 It helped me walk through the process much easier than any other doc I had used. Very detailed and was step by step.

– Joan on Step By Step Guide To Using Email Templates in Salesforce via Survey on 23-Nov-20

#111 I like the documentation related to web to lead with step by step screenshots. This helped me to set up web to lead without missing any steps to configure.

– Deekshith on How to Set Up Web-to-Lead And Web-to-Case in Salesforce with reCAPTCHA via Survey on 22-Nov-20

#110 Finally, a resource that lays out exactly what courses to take and in what order (identifying weighted test questions is also awesome). I haven’t even begun learning and I already feel more empowered than I have the past week of searching countless Salesforce courses. THANK YOU!

– Kristin on A Comprehensive Study Guide On Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam via Survey on 19-Nov-20

#109 The way it is presented as a scenario/use case was very helpful. I was able to setup in-app guidance and create a prompt 🙂
Thank you Ashish.

– Sukanya on Step By Step Guide to In-App Guidance in Salesforce via Survey on 12-Nov-20

#108 Never stop creating these guides!

– Fernanda on A 60 Minutes Step-By-Step DIY Guide to Salesforce REST API for Non-Developers via Survey on 12-Nov-20

#107 I just wanted to say thanks for providing certification guides. I have been using a variety of resources to study for my next exam (I did the admin exam last year and now working towards app builder).

This is exactly what I was looking for! A guide which points out specific topics and the corresponding link to the content on trailhead. This is an excellent resource for people new to the platform. I am going to let people know of your site and within our Salesforce Local Group (in Toronto, Canada).

Thanks a lot for your site and guides. I love what you are doing for the Ohana.

Have a great day!

– Neeraj on Salesforce Certification Study Guides via Survey on 09-Nov-20

#106 I have done some really exhaustive searches on the internet which yielded only bits and pieces but not a complete picture. This is rather odd that Salesforce couldn’t be more explicit as to how to set up the CMS. The information supplied in Ashish’s blog was tight and informative, and clear. Great information!

– Glenn on Step By Step Guide To Getting Started with Salesforce CMS via Survey 09-Nov-20

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