How to Integrate Salesforce with Twitter, Facebook, Blog & 100s of Other Apps

Here is another blog post that you will find interesting – How to integrate Salesforce with Twitter, Facebook, Blog and hundreds of other applications using a 3rd party tool called Zapier. In this step-by-step guide, I have integrated Salesforce with Twitter, Facebook & Blog and all it took was less than 10 minutes per integration.

I was amazed by the simplicity and ease of use of Zapier. You don’t need to write a single line of code or have any special skills. It is all point and click configuration. Once you have gone through this guide and have tried it yourself, you will be able to integrate Salesforce with hundreds of other apps that Zapier supports. Imagine how liberating that can be for you and your organization.

So here you go …

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There are a few things that you need to keep in mind for using Zapier as your integration platform

  1. IMPORTANT: When you are connecting to your apps in Zapier (Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook etc.) you are allowing Zapier to access and update the information in these apps on your behalf. Please do ensure that you / your organization is comfortable with this and it is allowed as per your organization’s security policy
  2. What you can integrate with these Apps will be limited by what Zapier offers for each of the applications. For example,
    1. For Twitter, Zapier can trigger an action on the following events
      • Search Mention – Triggers when any user creates a new Tweet that contains a specific search term (like a word, phrase, username or hashtag).
      • Create Tweet – Creates a tweet.
      • My Tweet – Triggers when you tweet something new.
      • Search & Geo Mention – Triggers from mention of search term in a specific geo location.
      • Tweet in List – Triggers when there is a new tweet in a specific list you choose.
      • New Follower – Triggers when a user of your choosing gets a new follower.
      • User Tweet – Triggers when a specific user tweets.
      • Liked Tweet – Triggers when a specific user likes a tweet.
      • New Follower of Me – Triggers when you get a new follower.
    2. And In Salesforce, you can take the following actions
      • Create Campaign, Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity Case, Case Comment, Task, Event, Note, Document,  Attachment records
      • Update Lead, Contact, Opportunity
      • Create/Update Custom Object records
      • Add Lead/Contact to a Campaign
  3. There is a monthly recurring cost of using Zapier that starts from US$ 20. You can take a look at the different subscription plans at URL –
  4. My examples are specific to Salesforce, but you must have figured out that you can use Zapier to connect any apps to any apps to automate tasks and save time. That’s powerful, isn’t it?

References & Useful URLs

  1. Zapier’s YouTube Channel –

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