Sponsorship/Advertisement Opportunities

Now introducing the opportunity for companies to advertise on this blog by sponsoring individual blog posts.


We have published 100+ blog posts containing step-by-step guides on how to do things in Salesforce.

These are actionable guides which contain detailed instructions (here is an example of one such blog post), allowing Salesforce Professionals to learn the ins and outs within minutes rather than spending days and weeks trying to figure it out themselves.

The PDF format of these guides are available to download but only with a paid premium membership. This is where you come in.

So, What will I be sponsoring?

We are now introducing the opportunity for companies to sponsor these blog posts. For the particular post sponsored by your company, we will make the corresponding PDF Guide free to download.

What Will My Sponsorship Entitle Me For?

When you sponsor the blog post, you will get the option to advertise your products/services in the following ways.

1. Insert an image, text and link in the blog post. Something like following (this is just an illustration. You will be free to arrange the layout and contents within the prescribed space and guidelines)

Sponsorship Advertisement Opportunities for Salesforce Partners

2. Insert one slide containing the image, text, links into the step-by-step guide (in Google Slides and Downloadable PDF document). Here is how this is going to look like (this is just an illustration. You will be free to arrange the layout and contents on the slide within the provided template)

3. The download button in the blog post will show the text “Download PDF [Sponsored by <YourCompanyName>]”

4. For new/updated blog posts we send email newsletter to thousands of our subscribers that will include the text “The PDF Guide has been made available to download for free, courtesy our sponsor <YourCompanyName>”

5. For new/updated blog posts we also publish a post on LinkedIn that will include the text “The PDF Guide has been made available to download for free, courtesy our sponsor <YourCompanyName>”

Now This is What We Think is a Win-Win-Win Proposition

  • Win for you because not only you will be able to reach the wider Salesforce ecosystem through your advertisements, but will also be provided the golden opportunity to give back to the community as your sponsorship will make the PDF Guide free to download.
  • Win for our readers because they will be able to download our content for free, using this platform to advance their skills. And, they will have you to thank for it.
  • Win for us because your sponsorship will generate revenue for us, enabling us to produce more of such useful guides.

Why Should I Sponsor This Blog?

We are glad you asked. Let’s get straight to it.

Identified as One of the Top Blogs on Salesforce

This blog has been identified as one of the top blogs on Salesforce so we guarantee that you are in good hands. But, don’t take our word for it. Here are the sites you can refer to.

My Credentials

I have over 12 years of experience in Salesforce and have worked with Salesforce in Singapore as a Senior Program Architect. With 30 Salesforce Certifications and 1100+ Trailhead badges, I assure you that I know my craft and produce high quality content that benefits the Salesforce Community.

Feedback from Our Readers/Subscribers

We have received hundreds of testimonials from our readers/subscribers telling us how much they love our content. Here are a few of those.

For more testimonials, please visit here.

Do Your Own Diligence

We wouldn’t spend our money without doing our due diligence neither should you. If you have access to tools like SEMRUSH, please check out our popularity before making a decision.

Who Can Advertise?

Ideally, you should be a company offering products and services related to Salesforce. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Salesforce System Integrators (SIs) or Consulting Companies
  • AppExchange Partners
  • Companies providing training on Salesforce
  • Companies providing recruitment on Salesforce
  • Job Boards / Job Sites
  • Content Creators (bloggers, YouTubers etc.)
  • Anything else related to Salesforce

If your company does not offer products or services directly related to Salesforce, please email with the details mentioned below and we will let you know if this blog is the right platform for you. 

What are the Charges?

The charges for sponsorship will vary based on the blog post (popularity, new/updated posts & existing posts). The minimum sponsorship period is 3 months.

For new/updated blog posts we will send email newsletters and post on LinkedIn & the Trailblazer Community. These posts will include a message highlighting that the free download is sponsored by your company. Charges for new/updated blog posts vary from US$ 997 to US$ 1497 for a 3-month period.

Charges for existing blog posts vary from US$ 497 to US$ 997 for a 3-month period. For existing blog posts, we are open to share the statics from Google Analytics 4 for you to gauge the popularity of these posts.

Next Steps

Interested? Or need any further information/clarification? Please send an email to ashish@asagarwal.com with the following details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  1. Subject: Interested in Sponsoring Blog Post
  2. Please include the following in the email body
    • Your company’s URL
    • Brief details about the advertisement that you would like to publish. Feel free to include images, text, URLs or artwork (if any)
    • Your job title / role in the company
    • Blog post that you would like to sponsor (if already identified). To view a list of blog posts, please click here.

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