#190 Very thorough and easy to follow steps. It gave me everything I needed to work with my IT department to enable Email Relay.

– Leyna on Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Email Relay in Salesforce with G Suite  via Feedback Form on 07-Sep-2021

#189 Thanks for the daily email with the release notes tips! Super helpful and informative.

– Nikki on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails on Salesforce Release Features  via LinkedIn Message on 03-Sep-2021

#188 What I liked about the workshop
1. Quality and pace of instruction
2. Excellent quality of the PDF handouts especially the step by step screen shots – will continue to serve as excellent reference material long after the workshop
3. Clear interest in imparting knowledge and answering all questions even if it meant adding an extra session at the end. Thank you! – Anonymous response via Survey

– Anonymous on Course: Mastering Salesforce Flows  via Survey 02-Sep-2021

#187 – Very glad to have attended Ashish’s workshop on Salesforce Flows.
Found this to be a great foundational / intermediate workshop with excellent quality of content and instruction, perfectly paced to address attendee questions and with a number of lab exercises and clear step by step directions. Whether one is a high level functional type as I am or lean more technical, I would recommend this highly as time well spent to get a good grounding on the different types of Flows. Last, Ashish’s breadth and depth of knowledge about all things Salesforce, combined with his innate humility is most impressive.” – Jay Kamal via LinkedIn Recommendation

– Jay Kaimal on Course: Mastering Salesforce Flows  via LinkedIn Recommendation 01-Sep-2021

#186 Thanks for you and the team for providing this. Such a great helpful resource to cover the release notes in the best way possible… Thanks 🙏

– Kiran on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails on Salesforce Release Features  via LinkedIn Post Comment on 31-Aug-2021

#185 Winter is coming! I signed up in the summer release, and it has been really helpful!

I really like the one tip a day idea, which saved me from being overwhelmed with the release notes! I really appreciate all the hard work you do!!!

– Cara on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails on Salesforce Release Features  via LinkedIn Post Comment on 31-Aug-2021

#184 Just signed up for your #SalesforceWinter22 email… love it!! Thanks for creating great content 🙂

– Avi on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails on Salesforce Release Features  via LinkedIn Message on 25-Aug-2021

#183 Hi Ashish, Thank you for your blog. I am very impressed with your credentials but even more than that your interest and willingness to teach others. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  Mahalo

– Jennifer via LinkedIn Message on 25-Aug-2021

#182 Hi Ashish — I just discovered your blog through the “How to Report on Objects and Fields Defined in Salesforce” post. It’s super helpful. Thank you for sharing your Salesforce knowledge. Best, Neil

– Neil via LinkedIn Message on 24-Aug-2021

#181 Really, great ashish the way you are sending the tips and it’s very helpful. And it’s like upgrading every day with a single tip.

– Pavan on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails on Salesforce Release Features  via Feedback Form on 24-Aug-2021

#180 The screenshots were the most helpful. Also, the topic was something that I couldn’t find covered anywhere else. Finding you post was the difference between implementing a major project w Salesforce and going with another solution. Thank you 🙂

The only thing that gave me pause was the link to the Google API source https://developers.google.com/chart/infographics/docs/qr_codes. The result has a warning at the top about the source being deprecated with a link to the ‘Actively Maintained’ Google Charts API. I couldn’t find anything on the newer API about QR codes, so I went with the older one. Since it worked, I stuck with it and considered it a success, but it does make me a little nervous.

– Kristina on How to Generate and Use QR Code in Salesforce  via Feedback Form on 29-Jun-2021

#179 Hi Ashish, I saw your presentation about Dynamic Forms & Actions at Apex Hours. I really like the way you explain everything and also the way you go again over the same just to make the concept/explanation easier to understand. I am looking forward to connect with you and keep learning from you.

– Daniel on YouTube Video on Dynamic Forms & Actions  via LinkedIn Message on 28-Jun-2021

#178 The way you addressed the specific use case and how you walked the creation of the processes step by step. It was superbly written.

– Pete on How to Lock Records in Salesforce?  via Feedback Form on 28-Jun-2021

#177 It is a complete resource. I found it easy to read and understand. Way much better than the oficial SF docs

– Manuel on Step By Step Guide to Multiple Currencies in Salesforce  via Feedback Form on 22-Jun-2021

#176 I am very pleased that all the sections and links were documented so neat and quick links were given if we want to visit the details -I just wish that for some topics 2,3 or 4 links can also be given if we think all those resources are great not just one like not mostly salesforce but some other short tutorials.But,still excellent job of documenting everything at one place without changing or going anywhere else link opens in diff window so it always help them to read and close and revisit any other topic

– Shikha on A Comprehensive Study Guide On Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam  via Feedback Form on 19-Jun-2021

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