#135 I like the blog posts in general. Very helpful information. The step-by-step instructions are excellent as they provide some very good insight on how to approach specific integrations.

– Horst on Step By Step Guide to Integrating Slack with Salesforce  via Survey on 09-Feb-2021

#134 I thought the slides were great and so easy to follow. The callouts were very helpful. I am new to Flows so I am still trying to get this to work. The portion on how to make the template was great.!!

– Miller on How to Send Rich Text Emails From Flows in Salesforce  via Survey on 04-Feb-2021

#133 Explanation is in very simple and formatted way, anyone can learn it quicky by just following the steps

– Kulwant on Step By Step Guide to Integrating Slack with Salesforce via Survey on 02-Feb-2021

#132 I found it just in time for my Sharing and Visibility Designer Certification Exam. It neatly distilled the essentials of all the sharing options. Excellent work. Thanks in part to your awesome artifact, I cleared the exam in 1 attempt.

– Tulasi on 22 Ways to Share Records in Salesforce via Survey on 02-Feb-2021

#131 Your blog is fantastic and you covered a lot of things I am interested in. When I am looking for some guidance on certain matter, your blog is one of my go-to, because I know if you cover the topic, it will be a good guidance. What I am trying here is, your content are great, it will help alot more people if there are more people know the value and subscribe to your blog.

– Jeffrey on How to Enable Password Less Login to Salesforce with Lightning Login via Survey on 02-Feb-2021

#130 The step by step explanation with screen shots is very helpful to me. The way of arranging content is good and there are much more to explore in this blog.
Thanks for amazing post

– Dharani on Step By Step Guide To Using Email Templates in Salesforce via Blog Comment on 04-Jan-20

#129 Every content put into the blog is super useful.
The best thing I felt is the explanation using an actual scenario which prompts us to try it out in the developer org.

Thank you so much for the amazing blogs 🙂

– Renjini on How to Send Rich Text Emails From Flows in Salesforce via Survey on 01-Feb-21

#128 Hi Ashish,
Awesome job with your website – I love how you organized the info – easy to spot and great Salesforce content. Especially liked the resources page – after a few years, one thinks one has seen it all – but there’re always newer and better ways to doing things. You are an inspiration! Thank you!

– Tulasi on via Feedback form on 28-Jan-2021

#127 It summarises the process (step by step ). This particular topic is of course covered by traiblazer but it is lacking simplicity and proper flow.
Your version is much more simple and much easier to follow. I am new to this particular area of salesforce so I wanted to have quick overview.

– Teresa on Salesforce Knowledge – A Step By Step Guide to Getting Started  via Survey on 25-Jan-2021

#126 The content was great. The step-by-step approach with screenshots helped me a lot. The content was sufficient in itself and not required to refer to external resources. Great Work!

– Nilesh on Salesforce Communities – A Step By Step Guide To Getting Started From Scratch  via Survey on 20-Jan-2021

#125 it gave me step by step guide to achieve my goal. this blog has now become my first stop if I need to research something in salesforce or need to find a quick answer for something at work

– Manimala on How to Report on Objects and Fields Defined in Salesforce  via Survey on 19-Jan-2021

#124 The ease of following through the steps, it made the fear of integration go away!

– Praveen on A 60 Minutes Step-By-Step DIY Guide to Salesforce REST API for Non-Developers  via Survey on 13-Jan-2021

#123 I love your informative emails and blogs. Thank you for providing those for us.

– Bart via LinkedIn Message on 07-Jan-2021

#122 Hi Ashish. Thank you for all your support emails and blog posts. I really find them useful. Much appreciated!

– Chris via LinkedIn Message on 07-Jan-2021

#121 Outstanding Job! great resource for the beginner who is has to sift through tons of info. Thank you!

– Khan on A Comprehensive Study Guide On Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam via Blog Comment on 04-Jan-20

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