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Salesforce Events & Conferences

There are various Salesforce events and conferences happening throughout the year. It includes the official events organized by Salesforce itself and other events organized by Trailblazer Community members. These events and conferences offer great opportunities to learn and network. Here’s a list of most popular Salesforce Events and Conferences. 

We have categorized it as follows:

Events Organized By Salesforce

1. Dreamforce

  • The annual four-day paid event that brings together the entire Salesforce community
  • Trailblazers from all over the world gather to share their stories, their successes and learn from each other
  • Attend sessions (2,700+ breakout sessions), workshops, keynotes, hands-on demos, fireside chats with World Leaders
  • Takes place in San Francisco during the fall season; usually during September through November

2. TrailblazerDX

  • A paid conference for everyone who builds and customizes the Salesforce platform including Admins, Developers, Partners and Students
  • It provides paths for people just getting started with the platform, as well as for advanced admins and developers.
  • Sessions, demos and networking led by Salesforce engineers and product experts, curated specifically for developers, admins, and architects
  • Takes place in San Francisco usually during March through June

3. TrailheaDX India

  • Biggest Salesforce event outside the USA started in the year 2019
  • A paid two-day event full of learning, connecting, having fun and giving back
  • Features sessions, keynotes, hands-on with Salesforce product experts at demos, workshops, mini-hacks, and more.
  • Takes place in Bengaluru in winter season; usually during November through December

4. Connections

  • Paid three-day event for Salesforce customers and prospective customers who are striving to build a direct relationship with their customers.
  • The agenda features content designed for Marketing, advertising, commerce, and service technology buyers
  • Attend transformative breakout and theater sessions, see immersive demos, join interactive group discussions, and network with peers, experts, and leaders across industries
  • Takes place in Chicago in the summer season; usually in the month of June

5. Salesforce World Tour

  • It is a global conference, where you can network and learn the best practices, tips, and tricks on how you can empower your Salesforce platform
  • Free event featuring keynotes from industry leaders, informative breakout sessions, and new technology launches
  • Great opportunity to connect and network with peers and influential personalities
  • It takes place in different cities throughout the year e.g. New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, etc.

6. Customer Success Events

  • Live, free events hosted by Salesforce experts for customer success in different languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, etc.
  • Connect with specialists to get the latest best practices
  • In-person events include Circles of Success which are group clinics with Salesforce customers focused on key adoption-related topics and challenges. These 60-90 minute sessions are live, interactive, unscripted, and consultative in nature. 
  • Online events include:
    • Webinars
    • Ask an Expert – Talk with Salesforce experts and learn from your peers, as Salesforce answers Lightning Adoption, Approaches to Challenges, Best Practices, and How-To questions live!
    • Accelerator Webinars – One-hour coaching sessions by experts on a particular topic, live or on-demand. Premier Support customers get a 1:1 follow-up session to answer any outstanding questions.
    • Virtual editions of Circles of Success

Events Organized by Community 

1. Salesforce Trailblazer Community Conferences

  • 1-2 day paid conferences intended at learning, networking and skilling up 
  • Created and organized by the community, for the community
  • Happens throughout the world e.g. Singapore Dreamin’, India Dreamin’, Florida Dreamin’, London’s Calling, Snowforce, WITness Success, etc.
  • Virtual Dreamin’ – First online free trailblazer community event started in 2020

2. Salesforce Trailblazer Community Group Meetings

  • Join Community groups to learn Salesforce with peers, build your network, and find mentors
  • Groups exist all around the world. Use the search tool on the website to find the groups in a city near you
  • Group meetings are free events centered around a Salesforce topic 
  • User groups around the world organize meetings usually once in a month

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