Useful Resources: Salesforce Video Channels

Salesforce Video Channels

Here is a list of resources where you are going to find videos on webinars, sessions, tutorials, tips & tricks on Salesforce. This list contains the channels from Salesforce itself and channels from the community

Salesforce Official Channels

1. Salesforce (YouTube)

  • Publishes videos on product demos, tutorials, release readiness, etc.
  • Find video playlists such as Salesforce Events, How-tos, Who Sees What series, etc. 

2. Trailhead (YouTube)

  • Trailhead is THE place to learn in-demand technology and business skills
  • Creates videos on Salesforce features, Trailhead content etc.

3. Salesforce Admins (YouTube)

  • Dedicated channel to the Salesforce Admins!
  • Find webcasts, webinar replays, how-tos, presentations from Dreamforce, and other great content created especially for Salesforce Admins.

4. Salesforce Developers (YouTube)

  • Dedicated channel to the Salesforce Developers!
  • Find webinar replays, CodeLive sessions, ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) videos series, etc.

5. Salesforce Support (YouTube)

  • Your one-stop shop for all how-to and troubleshooting video content 
  • Features top-viewed videos from other Salesforce teams and MVPs

6. Salesforce Releases (YouTube)

  • Only one place for all videos and demos relating to new Salesforce features
  • Find video playlists created for a particular release

7. Salesforce Live (Salesforce)

  • Has featured sessions and playlists from various Salesforce events across the world
  • Watch all videos, filter by product, industry, and role.

8. Trailhead Live (Trailhead)

  • Watch live and on-demand videos from experts on today’s most in-demand skills.

9. TrailheadX (Salesforce)

  • Recording of Videos from TrailheadX 2020
  • Channels for Developers, Admins, Architects

Other YouTube Channels

1. Salesforce Apex Hours (YouTube)

  • It is a program Of the community, For the community and led By the community
  • A space that helps Salesforce experts across the globe share their expertise in various areas with an intent to help the Ohana thrive!
  • It is a one-stop platform to learn Salesforce skills and technology. 
  • Some of the popular tutorial series are:
    • Salesforce Admin Tutorial (13 session recording)
    • Salesforce Development Tutorial (19 recordings)
    • Salesforce Advanced Apex Tutorial (8 Recording)
    • Lightning Web Component Development Tutorial (8 recordings)

2. Ladies Be Architects (YouTube)

  • Publishes videos on Architectural concepts, conference sessions, mock videos, etc.

3. Salesforce Automation Hour (YouTube)

  • Webinar series organized by Salesforce MVPs Rakesh Gupta, Jennifer Lee and David Litton
  • Focuses on bringing process automation solutions to attendees with a Q & A session at the end
  • Knowledgeable Salesforce sessions delivered for the Trailblazer community by community leaders
  • Features guest speakers and other MVPs from the community regularly

4. Salesforce Hulk (YouTube)

  • Run by Shrey Sharma, Salesforce MVP. Produces video content every week to help people start their career in Salesforce and also learn from the knowledge & experience of its team
  • Helps people visualise the concepts of Salesforce & entertain them a little bit while teaching so that learning & working in Salesforce can be fun

Have I missed any other useful channel here? Please feel free to mention it in the comments below for other readers’ benefit.

Want to see a list of more of such useful resources & tools under different categories? Please do take a look at the resources page.

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