50 Hottest Features of Salesforce Winter ’24 Release

Embark on a swift journey through the 50 greatest and noteworthy features introduced in Salesforce’s Winter ’24 Release. In just under 50 minutes, our 1-minute tips will illuminate the key highlights, ensuring you stay ahead in mastering the latest advancements.

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  1. ​Improved Color Contrast in UI Elements​
  2. See What’s Enabled in a Permission Set with View Summary
  3. Create Custom Error Messages in Record-Triggered Flows
  4. Use Dynamic Forms on LWC-Enabled Standard Objects
  5. View Report and Dashboard Details From the Analytics Tab
  6. Report on Permission Set & Permission Set Group Assignments
  7. Open Reports and Dashboards in Multiple Tabs
  8. See Object & Field API Names in Permission Sets
  9. Custom Settings & Labels Are Now Reactive Global Variables in Screen Flow
  10. Report on Public Group Members in Salesforce
  11. Use More Formula Functions in Reactive Screens
  12. Migrate to Hyperforce with Hyperforce Assistant
  13. Reactive Display Text Component in Screen Flow
  14. Troubleshoot Permission Set Group Errors
  15. Transfer Ownership of Lightning Dashboards (Beta)
  16. HTTP Callout in Flows Now Supports GET, POST, PUT, PATCH & DELETE Methods
  17. Set a Password or Expiration Date on a Public Link to a Salesforce File
  18. News, Automated Account Fields, and Account Logos Are Being Retired
  19. Disable Keyboard Shortcuts
  20. Reactive Choice Lookup Component in Screen Flow
  21. Select Who Has Access to the Sandbox When Creating or Refreshing
  22. Transform Your Data in Flows (Beta)
  23. New Flow Type – Data Cloud Triggered Flow
  24. Save Flow Without Configuring Some Elements
  25. Easily Identify AppExchange Solution Types
  26. No. of Permission Set Groups a Permission Set is Assigned To
  27. Enhancement to User Access Policy Filters
  28. New Lightning Article Editor for Salesforce Knowledge
  29. Knowledge Article Personalization
  30. Upgrade to Enhanced Omni-Channel
  31. Notify Slack Users with @Mentions in Salesforce
  32. Use JWT-Based Access Tokens to Authenticate for REST API Calls
  33. Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists now in GA
  34. Visualize Summary Formulas When Creating Lightning Reports
  35. Report on Account Share
  36. Use Language Filters in Translation Workbench When Exporting
  37. New Icons for Rating Questions in Salesforce Survey
  38. Backup and Restore Is Now Salesforce Backup
  39. Reactive Components Update the First Time a Screen Loads
  40. Screen Flow Components Retain Values After State Changes
  41. New Intelligence View on Contact / Lead
  42. Field History Tracking on Opportunity Team & Split
  43. Sync Recurring Events from Google using Einstein Activity Capture
  44. Monitor Onboarding Status & Metrics in Einstein Activity Capture
  45. Monitor Async Apex Job Limit Usage
  46. Get Data Cloud Records More Easily in Flow Builder
  47. Advanced Pause Element Is Now Named Wait for Conditions
  48. Salesforce Code Analyzer Visual Studio Code Extension (Beta)
  49. Enable Faster Account Sharing Recalculation
  50. Prepare for the New Setup Domain

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