50 Hottest Features of Salesforce Summer ’23 Release

Explore the 50 hottest features of Salesforce Summer ’23 Release in a flash! Extracted from our “1 Day 1 Tip 1 Minute” Emails, you can now master the latest updates in just under 50 minutes. It’s like a summer splash of innovation, without the sunburn! 🌞

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  1. ​Improved Color Contrast in UI Elements​
  2. ​Undo Field Changes with a Click​
  3. ​More LWC Enabled Objects with Improved Performance​
  4. ​Align Fields Horizontally in Field Sections​
  5. ​Clone Lightning Apps in App Manager​
  6. ​Manage Salutation Picklist Values in Lightning Experience​
  7. ​Create Quotes Without a Related Opportunity​
  8. ​Log Emails Sent with the Send Email Action in Flow​
  9. ​Use Email Templates Directly in Salesforce Flows​
  10. ​Unify All Your Analytics in the Analytics Home​
  11. ​Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists (Beta)​
  12. ​Set Field-Level Security (FLS) on Permission Sets (GA)​
  13. ​Delegated Admins Can Now Assign Permission Set Groups​
  14. ​Automate Assignments to Users with User Access Policy​
  15. ​Enable Search in Data Table in Salesforce Flow​
  16. ​Creating New Processes Using Process Builder is Disabled​
  17. ​Enable Dynamic Forms for Mobile (Beta)​
  18. ​Increase Productivity with Calendar Enhancements​
  19. ​Data Table Can Now Display 1500 records in Salesforce Flow​
  20. ​View Calendar with One Click​
  21. ​Optimize App Pages with Accordion and Tabs Components​
  22. ​Control Who Can Use Organization-Wide Email Addresses​
  23. ​Configure Searchable Objects for Each User Profile (Beta)​
  24. ​Logos, News, & Automated Fields on Account Object Are Being Retired​
  25. ​See Object Names in Record Tabs​
  26. ​New Features in Salesforce Chrome Extension​
  27. ​Unified Analytics Home now in GA​
  28. ​Link Contacts to Cases in Email-to-Case​
  29. ​Search Improvements on Email Messages​
  30. ​Make HTTP Callout using POST Method from Flow​
  31. ​One File to Install Data Loader on macOS or Windows​
  32. ​Set Your Users’ Session Timeout to 90 Minutes​
  33. ​Enable Updates to Email Message Related Records​
  34. ​Separate Section for Flow User Permissions​
  35. ​Stay on Top of Incidents with the Enhanced Incident Alerts Utility​
  36. ​Query Five Levels of Parent-to-Child Relationships in SOQL Queries ​
  37. ​Update Screens in Real-time with Reactive Screens in Flow​
  38. ​Use Meeting Digest for RSVPs, Insights & Recommended Actions​
  39. ​Verify Org-Wide Email Address to Send Automated Process Emails​
  40. ​New Salesforce Feedback Management Developer Guide​
  41. ​Screen Flow – Let Users Easily Select with Choice Lookup​
  42. ​Declaratively Edit External Services Created by HTTP Callout​
  43. ​Enable Faster Account Sharing Recalculation​
  44. ​Migrate Processes with Scheduled Action to Flow​
  45. ​Use Gender-Neutral Salutations​
  46. ​Limit the Number of Inactive Picklist Values​
  47. ​Verify User Email Addresses​
  48. ​Use the Iterable Interface with Set & List​
  49. ​Set Up and Maintain Backups More Easily​
  50. ​Migrate to Hyperforce with Hyperforce Assistant​

#SalesforceSummer23 – Migrate to Hyperforce with Hyperforce Assistant

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSummer23 You can now upgrade to Hyperforce with help from Hyperforce Assistant. The updated assistant has the latest approved Hyperforce messaging. And the hard-coded references check in the Prepare phase now supports Salesforce Orgs with a large number of Apex classes.

Hyperforce is the next-generation Salesforce infrastructure architecture, built for the public cloud. It enhances Salesforce applications’ compliance, security, privacy, agility and scalability, and gives customers more choice over data residency.

Product Area: Hyperforce

Migrate to Hyperforce with Hyperforce Assistant

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#SalesforceSummer23 – Set Up and Maintain Backups More Easily

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSummer23 Version 2.0.0 of the Backup and Restore app introduces a fresh new look that makes it easier to set up and maintain data backups. Improved page design and clearer labels help you find the information you need faster. The Backup page autosaves when you add or remove objects to your policy. And in-app guidance provides tips to help you configure your settings and prepare a smart backup strategy.

On the Home page, you can now see the latest backup and restore jobs. Quick links take you to common policy maintenance tasks, and guidance cards provide tips for how to create your backup strategy.

Backup and Restore is an add-on subscription.

Product Area: Security

Backup & Restore in Salesforce
Image Source: Summer ’23 Release Note Article (Link Below)

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#SalesforceSummer23 – Verify User Email Addresses

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSummer23 You can now manage user’s email verification in the UI itself. While viewing a user’s details, you can see whether their email address is verified and initiate verification with a few clicks. Your users can also see their email address status and begin verification for themselves. To finish verifying, they click a link received at their unverified email address.

To initiate email verification, click Verify on user’s record. After the user clicks the verification link emailed to them, their email address is marked Verified. The verification link expires after 72 hours. If a user misses this window, click Verify again to send a new link.

Product Area: Security

Verify User Email Addresses

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