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#SalesforceSummer24 – Let Users Assign & Find Records Easily with Personal Labels

#SalesforceSummer24 Now users can apply their own labels to records to help them organize, track, and find the records they need quickly & easily.
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Ask Einstein to Explain or Fix Formula

#SalesforceSummer24 Einstein for Formulas now helps you fix syntax errors in a formula in addition to providing an explanation for a formula.
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Introducing External Client Apps

#SalesforceSummer24 Introducing External Client App - new generation of Connected App to create, manage, & update your external client apps.
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#SalesforceSummer24 – Partitioned Domains in More Orgs

#SalesforceSummer24 To maximize the availability of your orgs, My Domain uses partitioned domains for new developer, scratch, demo & Trailhead Playgrounds orgs
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#SalesforceSummer24 – Single Place to View & Manage Field History Tracking

#SalesforceSummer24 You can now view and manage field history tracking across various objects from one place in Setup.
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Inactive Users are Automatically Frozen in Sandboxes

#SalesforceSummer24 Users who haven’t logged in to a sandbox within 60 days of it being created, cloned, or refreshed are now automatically frozen.
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Where Is This Used Shows Dynamic Forms Also

#SalesforceSummer24 When clicking on "Where is this used?" for a custom field, you will now also see the Lightning page information where the field has ...
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Add New Custom Fields to Dynamic Form Enabled Pages

#SalesforceSummer24 When adding a new custom field to an object, you now see the option to add the field to the dynamic form enabled pages. ...
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Create Rich Text Headings in Lightning App Builder

#SalesforceSummer24 When you add a Rich Text Component to a page in Lightning App Builder, you can now give it style values such as Heading ...
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