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#SalesforceSummer24 – Transform Your Data in Flows (Generally Available)

#SalesforceSummer24 Transform element in Flow Builder is now generally available and includes some changes since the last release.
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Let Users Assign & Find Records Easily with Personal Labels

#SalesforceSummer24 Now users can apply their own labels to records to help them organize, track, and find the records they need quickly & easily.
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#SalesforceSummer24 – Ask Einstein to Explain or Fix Formula

#SalesforceSummer24 Einstein for Formulas now helps you fix syntax errors in a formula in addition to providing an explanation for a formula.
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#SalesforceSummer24 – Users Cannot Search for Field Values They Don’t Have Access To

#SalesforceSummer24 Users now cannot search for field values in Global Search that they don't have access to through Field Level Security.
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#SalesforceSummer24 – Introducing Action Button Component in Screen Flow

#SalesforceSummer24 Enhance user experience with the new Action Button component in Screen Flow. Run autolaunched Flow to retrieve and display information without leaving the screen.
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Add Threading Tokens To Emails Sent from Flows

#SalesforceSummer24 You can now add threading token to emails sent from Salesforce Flow & use it to link email replies to the correct record.
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Let Einstein Build a Draft Flow for You

#SalesforceSummer24 You can now let Einstein build a Flow for you. Describe what you want to automate and let Einstein generative AI handle the heavy ...
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Filter Records in Workspace in Sales Cloud Everywhere

#SalesforceSummer24 Boost sales team productivity with personalized workspaces & filter record options in Sales Cloud Everywhere.
1 Minute Tips

#SalesforceSummer24 – Arrange the Fields as Per Your Preference in Sales Cloud Everywhere

#SalesforceSummer24 As your sales reps use Sales Cloud Everywhere, they can choose the fields they want to see and arrange them the way they want ...
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