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Difference Between the Role of Salesforce Solution Architect Vs. Technical Architect

#1MinuteTip #BlogWatch What is the difference in the role of a Salesforce Solution Architect Vs. Technical Architect? A question that often confuses even seasoned Salesforce professionals.

There is a blog post from Jitendra Zaa (link below) that highlights the 10 differences and provides a good understanding of the two roles.

Client Credentials Flow in Salesforce
Image Source: Blog Post by Jitendera Zaa (link below)

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New Client Credentials Flow in Salesforce for System-to-System Integration

#1MinuteTip You can now connect to Salesforce using “Client Credentials Flow” for system-to-system integration through Connected App. With client credentials flow, you will be able to connect to Salesforce using just the consumer key and consumer secret without the context of the user (though you still need to specify a “run as” user).

Client Credentials Flow in Salesforce

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AppExchange – Monitor & Reduce Technical Debt with Org Check

#1MinuteTip Here is a cool app from Salesforce Labs that can help you monitor and reduce the technical debt from your Salesforce Org. Here is what this app can help you with:

  1. Object details: Get all the information about a particular object that includes general information, Apex Triggers, page layouts, limits, validation rules, standard and custom fields and more
  2. Custom field details: With “badness” score, dependencies (i.e. where all the field has been used) in a graphical representation
  3. Role details: Role hierarchy in a tree structure with color indicating whether the role has been assigned to users or not
  4. Automation details: Lists all workflow rules, process builders & Flows with flag on whether they are active or not and whether these automations perform any action or not
  5. Apex classes details: With score, API versions, whether defined with “With Sharing” or not, code coverage
  6. Apex triggers details: Lists the objects and how many active triggers do they have
  7. And more…

This app is definitely worth looking at.

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AppExchange – Add Multiple Records to Junction Objects in One Go

#1MinuteTip Here is a app from Salesforce Labs that will enable you to add multiple records to any Junction object in one go!

Users can add multiple records in one go to any Junction object using this component. It can be used as a quick action on the Lightning record page. It can be added to any record page. This component can be configured for any object, given that there is a junction object connecting two objects with a Master-detail relationship.

Add Multiple Records to Junction Objects
Image Source: App Page on AppExchange (link below)

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