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How to Generate and Use QR Code in Salesforce

Learn how to generate & use QR codes in Salesforce. Use QR codes to streamline communication and provide quick access to information.
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Step By Step Guide On Getting Started With Macros in Salesforce

Learn how to configure and use Macro in Salesforce in this step-by-step guide with screenshots. Make your users fall in love with Salesforce and with ...
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How To Create & Send Custom Desktop/Mobile Notification in Salesforce

Learn how to configure Salesforce Custom Notifications to send alerts on desktop and/or mobile & keep your users in the know when important events occur
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How To Set Up Mass Quick Action in Salesforce

A Mass Quick Action, once created, lets users select up to a maximum of 100 records in a list view and perform create or update ...
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AppExchange – Add Multiple Records to Junction Objects in One Go

#1MinuteTip Here is a app from Salesforce Labs that will enable you to add multiple records to any Junction object in one go.

Step by Step Guide to Leveraging AI in Writing Salesforce Apex Code

Step by step guide on how to write Salesforce Apex Coding using AI in one third of the time that it will otherwise take. This ...
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Bookmark Records by Adding to Favorites

#1MinuteTip Do you know that you can bookmark records in Salesforce by adding them to favorites. And then you can quickly navigate to those records ...
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How to Create a Clone Button for Account Object

#1MinuteTip First of all I didn't know that there isn't a clone button on Account object. Secondly, I didn't know it is this easy to ...
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Top 10 Ways Slack Can Increase Your Productivity

#1MinuteTip Came across this interesting Video on "Top 10 Ways Slack Can Increase Your Productivity & Collaboration".
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