Bookmark Records by Adding to Favorites

#1MinuteTip Do you know that you can bookmark records in Salesforce by adding them to favorites. And then you can quickly navigate to those records from the favorite list. Just like you bookmark URLs on browser for future access.

How to add records to favorite?
  1. Navigate to the record.
  2. Click on ‘Star’ icon on the top right.
  3. Salesforce confirms that the record has been added to favorite.
Salesforce add record to favorite
How to navigate to a record from Favorite?
  1. Click on the down arrow key beside the star icon on top right corner.
  2. Just click on any record that you want to navigate to, and Salesforce will take you to that record.
  3. To edit the favorites list, click on ‘Edit Favorites’.
Salesforce navigate to a record from favorite
How to manage favorites?
  1. Use this icon to re-order records in favorite.
  2. Click on Pencil icon to rename the record in favorite. This will just rename in favorite and will not update the actual record.
  3. Click on cross icon to remove the record from favorite.
Salesforce manage favorites
How to remove a record from favorites?
  1. Navigate the record that has been added to favorites.
  2. The ‘Star’ icon on top right will be highlighted if this record is added to favorite. Click on the star icon again to remove it from favorites.
Salesforce remove record from favorites

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