How To Set Up Mass Quick Action in Salesforce

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Mass Quick Action in Salesforce

A Mass Quick Action is a type of Quick Action. Once the action is created you add that action to an object’s search layout i.e. List View. Once it is set up, you can select a maximum of 100 records in a list view and perform create or update functions. It was introduced in Summer ’18 release. Mass Quick Action is available to use with the following objects:

  • Campaigns
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Cases
  • Work Orders
  • Custom Objects which support Quick Actions and have a search layout in Lightning Experience

You first create quick action for the object, then let your users perform actions on multiple records in a list view. E.g. enable users to create multiple Tasks on several Lead records, enable support agents to add Case Comments to multiple Cases at a time, etc. 

Although this is a cool, time saver feature that improves user productivity, there are many considerations and guidelines to follow. You should be aware of these before creating Mass Quick Action. I have listed a few most important ones below.

Mass Quick Action Considerations
  • It is available only in Lightning Experience apps, including apps with standard and console navigation
  • Cannot perform mass quick actions on a Recently Viewed list, in Communities, Notes, or Users
  • Cannot use Tooling API, AppExchange, and Changesets to add these actions in an object’s search layout
  • Changes performed by a mass quick action cannot be reverted. So your users need to be careful when taking mass quick action

Well, that was a quick overview of Mass Quick Action. I have come up with a short step-by-step guide to give you hands-on experience in configuring it. Here’s what this guide covers:

  • Create a Quick Action
  • Set Pre-defined Field Values
  • Add Quick Action in Search Layout
  • Test Mass Quick Action

Go ahead and delight your users with this productivity booster. Won’t take more than 15-20 minutes of your time to set it up and will save hours of your users’ time. A good return on investment, isn’t it?

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