How to Mass Create, Update, Delete & Transfer Records in Salesforce

Mass Create, Update, Update, Delete Records in Salesforce

When working with data in Salesforce, many a times there is a desire to mass manipulate records rather than doing it one by one. Here is a quick recap of all the different options available to you to mass create, update, delete & transfer records in Salesforce.

  1. Use Salesforce standard feature (where available)
  2. Flows
  3. Apex Code
  4. Custom UI with Apex Code
  5. Data Import Wizard 
  6. Data Loader 
  7. Tools available on AppExchange

Let’s check some of these options out a little more in details

Mass Create Records

To create multiple records at a time you can use Data Import Wizard, Data Loader, Flow, Third-Party Tools on AppExchange or custom Apex Trigger. When planning to use Flow or Apex Trigger you can initiate the record creation on field updates or when some other record is created. Process Builder cannot be used in this case as it can create only one record at a time. However you can use Process Builder to launch a Flow.

Mass Update Records

As an end user, if you have a requirement to update many records at a time. For e.g. A Sales Rep need to update Leads or Opportunities statuses or a Support Rep need to update Cases. List views can be used in this case to update records in one go. Admins & Developers can use any of the automation tools mentioned above except for Process Builder.

Mass Delete Records

Generally end users do not have permission to delete records but if your org does allow then as an Admin, you can install & setup ‘Mass Delete’ AppExchange package for them.  As an Admin or Developer, if you are testing some configuration on standard objects in developer org or sandbox and you have lot of records created as a result then use Mass Delete Records out-of-the-box Salesforce feature. The AppExchange package and Salesforce feature both works only with Standard objects.

Mass Transfer Records

When people switch jobs or roles, the records owned by them in Salesforce may need to be transferred to someone else. To make this process easier, use Mass Transfer Records out-of-the-box Salesforce feature. This tool comes handy even when someone gets a promotion, switches job role/department or is on a vacation/sabbatical.

Without further due, let’s dive right in to learn how to actually perform these tasks. Here’s what we would be covering in this guide:

  • How to Mass Create Records
  • How to Mass Update Records
  • How to Mass Delete Records
    • Using Salesforce Mass Delete Tool
    • Using Mass Delete AppExchange Package
  • How to Mass Transfer Records

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  1. Very Good Information, concise and clear! On checking, find we can’t mass delete
    standard object “Opportunities”.

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