Optimizing Lightning Experience Performance

In today’s fast paced world, everybody expects instant service. Whether it’s express delivery, express check-in or 4G internet speed for faster browsing experience. Some of you may have even tested your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) speed on popular speedtest websites to verify the download and upload speed you are getting. Similarly even Salesforce has a tool called “Salesforce Performance Test” to test the speed

Salesforce Performance Test    

It is a simple, online tool to measure your browser Javascript speed and your internet connection speed to Salesforce’s servers. This tool can be used by anyone, Developers, Admins or End Users. Based on the results, you can take necessary actions yourself or with the help of IT to improve your user’s experience of Lightning.

To access this tool, simply log-on to your Salesforce org and remove everything after “[your domain name].lightning.force.com/” in the browser URL. Keep the forward slash after “force.com”.   

(Click on images to view it enlarged)

Remove the text after force.com in URL

Replace it with “speedtest.jsp”. So your new URL would look something like this “https://[your domain name].lightning.force.com/speedtest.jsp”. Click “Enter”.

enter speedtest.jsp after force.com

You will be redirected to Salesforce Performance Test page. Now click “Test” Speed”.

Click Test Speed

Once Test is finished, results will be displayed.

Salesforce Performance Test results show octane score, upload & download speed etc.

A latency of 150ms or lower & download speed of 3Mbps or higher is considered as good and recommended. Lightning Experience performance will be smooth in these conditions. 

This looks interesting isn’t it? So go ahead and check your stats. If you don’t get the recommended scores as mentioned earlier then follow the steps in Help article listed below to mitigate the problems. It may be arising because of one of the following issues:

  • Geographical
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Salesforce organization configuration issues