How to Test the Deliverability of Emails Sent Through Salesforce

When an email is sent from Salesforce, it is sent from one of the many possible IP addresses, 32 of them, to be precise. If the recipient’s company has blocked any of the IPs then the customers won’t be able to receive the users’ emails. Hence, it is recommended that you test the deliverability of emails through Salesforce.

It would be too much of an ask to test the deliverability of emails to domains of companies that you do business with but you, as an Admin or Developer, can test it by using your own email address. Once done, Salesforce sends 32 emails, each from a different IP address. If you get all emails, that’s great which means your org is not blocking any of the Salesforce IP addresses. If you do not get all the emails then you need to add the IP address ranges to the allow list on the server. Here’s the Help Article that lists the Salesforce IP Addresses and Domains to Allow.

So to test the deliverability of emails sent through Salesforce, navigate to the Setup -> Search & click ‘Test Deliverability”

Salesforce Email Deliverability Test

Enter your ‘Email Address’ and click ‘Send’

enter email address

You should get up to 32 emails from different IP addresses of Salesforce. Click one of the email to check the details.

emails received

The email specifies that ‘You can receive email from IP address <ip number>’. Similarly, each email will confirm the deliverability of a different IP address.

email for a specific ip address

To control the type of email that your Salesforce org can send, navigate to ‘Deliverability’ page in setup. Here you will see three options under ‘Access to Send Email’ setting:

  • No Access: Prevents all outbound email to and from users
  • System Email Only: Allows only automatically generated emails, such as new user and password reset emails. When a new sandbox is created the default setting for deliverability is set to system email only
  • All Email: Allows all types of outbound email 
email deliverability access level

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