How To Bypass Automations & Validations in Salesforce for Mass DML Operations

In Salesforce, it is not uncommon to mass insert, update or delete records from time to time. This may be required to onboard new business units, departments or applications, fix bugs, patch existing records with certain values, accommodate changes in data model, archive and delete data etc.

But as we process data in bulk, validation rules and automation that are defined in Salesforce kicks in. This not only slows down the DML operation but may also lead to undesired processing like triggering emails to internal and external users, sending interface messages to backend systems and cause process and/or data integrity issues.

Upload Data to Salesforce from CSV

#1MinuteTip Another useful app from Salesforce Labs on AppExchange. Called CSV2Salesforce this app will enable you to generate records for any of your Salesforce objects, with ease via a drag and drop CSV upload. No need to give users too many permissions for this task!

This solution allows you to populate a CSV file with your field APIs as column headers and the rows as the record data. Drag and drop/upload your CSV, state which object you wish to upload and away you go!

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Reasons for Not Backing Up Your Salesforce Data

#1MinuteTip  If you are not taking regular backup of your Salesforce data, there can only be two reasons:

1. You don’t know how to do it
2. You are lazy to do it

Let’s address the first one right here, right now. Take a look at the attached screenshot and you will know how to do it. But the question is when will you address the 2nd one?

Reasons for Not Backing Up Your Salesforce Data