#SalesforceSpring23 – Manage and Release Changes with Salesforce DevOps Center

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSpring23 Ditch change sets. Now manage your changes and releases using the DevOps Center point-and-click interface, or directly from the source control system, or a combination of both. Under the hood, Salesforce manages the source control branches so developers and builders can focus on development tasks.

Product Area: Development -> DevOps Center (now Generally Available)

Manage and Release Changes with Salesforce DevOps Center

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How to Create Org Shape to Create Scratch Orgs

#1MinuteTip When we create scratch orgs (during the build phase to build the solution), it was often a challenge to mirror the features and settings of the Production Org. Unlike Sandboxes, scratch orgs do not inherit anything from the Production Org.

But now, you can create “Org Shape” from your Production Org and then spin up Scratch Orgs from it. So the flow looks like

Production Org -> Org Shape -> Scratch Org

With “Org Shape”, you can pre-define the features, Metadata API settings, edition, limits, and licenses that your scratch orgs should have. (Note that Org shape will still not get the custom metadata that you have built in the Production Org).

Here is a video (5 minutes) on Salesforce Developers channel on YouTube explaining Org Shape and how to create it.

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Upcoming Improvements to Salesforce CLI

#1MinuteTip Salesforce CLI (Command Line Interface) is a tool that you can use to build and deploy metadata components in Salesforce orgs, manage orgs, synchronize source to and from orgs, create and install packages etc. One of the major benefits of using Salesforce CLI (or any other CLI for that matter) is that you can automate tasks using O/S scripts.

Salesforce is planning to come up with big improvements in Salesforce CLI. Here is the one liner description of these upcoming improvements. If you would like to find out more, please navigate to Salesforce Developer’s blog post mentioned below.

  1. Improved typing experience: sfdx will let you use spaces or colons as separators
  2. Taxonomy-free CLI: sfdx will let you type your command in any order
  3. Easily discover commands with new dedicated sfdx search command
  4. Flags will become easier to read with hyphens
  5. sfdx will get better help messages, with -h for the concise help and --help for the full version
  6. Commands built for sf will be available in sfdx.
Salesforce CLI Improvements

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Salesforce DevOps Center Going GA

#1MinuteTip Received an email from Salesforce that Salesforce DevOps Center will be going GA on 12-Dec-2022. If you are not familiar with DevOps Center yet, this tool allows you to deploy metadata from one Salesforce Org to another. For example, deploy custom objects, apex classes, profiles etc. from Sandbox to Production. Traditionally we have used “Change Sets” to perform this task.

DevOps Center will replace Change Sets at some point in future and will become an indispensable tool for all Salesforce Professionals. If you want to get started with DevOps Center, please do take a look at our Step by Step Guide to Getting Started with Salesforce DevOps Center (link below).

    Salesforce DevOps Center Going GA

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    What is Salesforce Code Analyzer?

    #1MinuteTip Salesforce Code Analyzer is a source code analysis tool. Run this tool on the code written by your developers and detect violations against best practices to ensure high quality codes. It is generally integrated in the CI/CD process to ensure quality before the code is deployed to upstream environments like QA, UAT or Production.

    Salesforce Code Analyzer was previously known as Salesforce CLI Scanner. It is Salesforce’s in-house, open-sourced, code quality and security tool that can analyze multiple languages.

    Salesforce Code Analyzer

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