New Book – Salesforce DevOps for Architects

#1MinuteTip 1MinuteTip Here is a new book on Salesforce called Salesforce DevOps for Architects. Discover tools and techniques to optimize the delivery of your Salesforce projects.

And here is the Table of Contents from this book.

  • Chapter 1: A Brief History of Deploying Salesforce Changes
  • Chapter 2: Developing a DevOps Culture
  • Chapter 3: The Value of Source Control
  • Chapter 4: Testing Your Changes
  • Chapter 5: Day-to-Day Delivery with SFDX
  • Chapter 6: Exploring Packaging
  • Chapter 7: CI/CD Automation
  • Chapter 8: Ticketing Systems
  • Chapter 9: Backing Up Data and Metadata
  • Chapter 10: Monitoring for Changes
  • Chapter 11: Data Seeding Your Development Environments
  • Chapter 12: Salesforce DevOps Tools – Gearset
  • Chapter 13: Copado
  • Chapter 14: Salesforce DevOps Tools – Flosum
  • Chapter 15: AutoRABIT
  • Chapter 16: Other Salesforce DevOps Tools
  • Chapter 17: Conclusion
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