Salesforce Introduces ApexGuru

#1MinuteTip Salesforce introduces ApexGuru – a new pilot feature within Scale Center that utilizes Generative AI to help developers improve the performance of their Apex code. Here’s a breakdown of what it does:

  • Identifies bottlenecks: ApexGuru analyzes your code (specifically runtime profiles) and detects areas that could be causing performance issues. These include anti-patterns (common coding practices that are inefficient) and performance hotspots (sections of code that consume a lot of resources).
  • Provides AI-powered recommendations: Leveraging generative AI (CodeT5 Model), ApexGuru doesn’t just flag problems; it offers suggestions for fixing them. These recommendations are prioritized based on their potential impact, categorized as critical, major, and minor.
  • Focuses on Apex execution: Since Apex execution is a frequent performance bottleneck in Salesforce, ApexGuru specifically targets this area to help optimize App CPU usage.

Overall, ApexGuru aims to be a developer’s guide to writing more efficient Apex code by providing automated insights and actionable recommendations.

For more information on ApexGuru, the use case examples and performance benefits, please visit the Salesforce Developer’s Blog post below.

Salesforce ApexGuru
Image Source: Salesforce Developer’s Blog Post (link below)

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