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What is Salesforce Unified Messaging for WhatsApp?

#1MinuteTip Unified Messaging for WhatsApp simplifies how businesses communicate with their customers and offers these two features.
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What is Salesforce Pro Suite?

#1MinuteTip Salesforce Pro Suite is an all-in-one CRM for small businesses offering sales, service, marketing, and commerce capabilities.
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SFDX Commands Will No Longer Work in Salesforce CLI

#1MinuteTip With Salesforce Extension Pack 60.7, "sfdx" commands will no longer work in Salesforce CLI. Switch to "sf" commands instead.
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Salesforce Introduces AppExchange Explore

#1MinuteTip Salesforce introduces Explore on AppExchange - a simplified, data-driven way to find the apps you need with 5 key categories.
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HTML Autocomplete in Einstein for Developers

#1MinuteTip With 0.41.0 release of Einstein for Developers, you now get HTML support for inline autocomplete.
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Salesforce Introduces Serviceblazer Community

Salesforce introduces Serviceblazer Community. Connect, collaborate, and stay up-to-date on the latest customer service trends.
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Salesforce Introduces Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors

#1MinuteTip Salesforce introduces Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors to recognize individuals contributing to community through their knowledge, responsiveness & leadership

TrailblazerDX 2024 – The Future of User Management in Salesforce

User management in Salesforce will be getting a massive makeover making it easier & faster than ever to manage, diagnose and troubleshoot.
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Salesforce Introduces ApexGuru

Boost the performance of your Salesforce Apex code with ApexGuru. Identify anti-patterns and optimize resource usage with AI-powered recommendations.
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