Salesforce Introduces Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors

#1MinuteTip Salesforce Introduces Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors to recognize individuals who help foster community discussion, share ‌best practices, and offer valuable insights.

Forum Ambassadors are selected annually and are recognized based on their:

  • Knowledge: They are Salesforce product experts who hold a minimum of Trailhead Ranger Rank. They provide high-quality answers, create easy-to-understand content, and share product feedback in round tables and listening sessions. 
  • Responsiveness: They are the most engaged members of the online Community, quickly providing the most helpful answers to issues or questions.
  • Leadership: Guided by respect and professionalism, they nurture the community through networking, mentorship, and content moderation. 
Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors

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