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Salesforce Introduces AppExchange Explore

#1MinuteTip Salesforce introduces Explore on AppExchange - a simplified, data-driven way to find the apps you need with 5 key categories.
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AppExchange – Data Fetcher App

#1MinuteTip Discover how the AppExchange Data Fetcher app allows you to fetch Salesforce records dynamically in your screen flows.
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AppExchange – User License App

#1MinuteTip This app from Salesforce Labs will help you analyze Salesforce Licenses & its associated Roles/Profiles that can support in planning for costs.
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AppExchange – Schedul-o-matic 9000

#1MinuteTip This app from Salesforce Labs on AppExchange will allow you to schedule Apex classes, Flows and even blocks of Anonymous Codes with ease!
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New Book – Salesforce AppExchange Success Blueprint

#1MinuteTip Here is a book on "Salesforce AppExchange Success Blueprint" - Transform your ideas into profitable and scalable Salesforce application.
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#SalesforceWinter24 – Easily Identify AppExchange Solution Types

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter24 It is now easy to identify the AppExchange solution type by looking at the solution type badge.
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Digital App Guide for Salesforce Labs App on AppExchange

#1MinuteTip Here is the Digital App Guide for Salesforce Labs App to help you choose the right app from more than 450 apps available on ...
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List of Apps, Components, Solutions from Salesforce Labs

#1MinuteTip There are over 400 free apps, components, and flows available from #SalesforceLabs. And here is a list that compiles some of the customer favorites.
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AppExchange – Monitor & Reduce Technical Debt with Org Check

#1MinuteTip Here is a cool app from Salesforce Labs that can help you monitor and reduce the technical debt from your Salesforce Org.
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