AppExchange: Insert Google Calendar Event in Email Template

#1MinuteTip Here is an interesting App from Salesforce Labs that allows you to insert Calendar Events from Google Calendar and YouTube Webinar in your Email Template in Salesforce.

This includes a sample email template, a blank template with all the placeholder components, and two custom components to inform about scheduled events: Calendar Event Picklist and Youtube Webinar Picklist.

Google Calendar Event in Email Template in Salesforce

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AppExchange: Track Time Spent on Cases with Case Timer

#1MinuteTip Here is a useful App from Salesforce Labs to automatically track the time spent working on cases. This app works on Service Console.

The timer will start when the agent opens the case, will pause when agent navigates away from the tab and resumes when the focus is returned to the case. Plus, it comes with various configuration options, feature to manually log the time and prebuilt reports and dashboards.

Track Time Working on Cases

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AppExchange: Graphics Pack from Salesforce Labs

#1MinuteTip Graphics Pack is a package from Salesforce Labs on AppExchange that contains hundreds of images / icons that can be used in salesforce applications for tabs, image formulas, and Visualforce pages.

A picture is worth a thousand words so why not jazz up your Salesforce Org with relevant images from this pack. For example, display high priority cases with a red flag 🚩 or a high value opportunity with 💰. You get the idea.

Graphics Pack from Salesforce Labs

Here is the link to get the package on AppExchange. And here is a blog post on how to use it in image formulas – Jazz your records up with images.

The Exchange: AppExchange Quarterly Magazine – Spring 2022

#1MinuteTip The AppExchange Quarterly Magazine Spring 2022 is now available to download from this URL. This issue contains

  • Spring Cleaning for Salesforce Data – Five data-cleansing techniques
  • 3 Ways to Create a Transformational Automation-First Employee Experience
  • Our Favourite Trailblazers – Benafsha Irani
  • The Power of Search Intelligence
  • Phenomenal Women – Salesforce MVPs who inspire us on International Women’s Day and Beyond
  • Three Steps to a Successful Sandbox Strategy
  • Meet Telsi – AppExchange’s 10 Millionth Installer
  • and more…
AppExchange Quarterly Magazine Spring 2022

AppExchange: Salesforce Lightning Mockup Components

#1MinuteTip Here is a package from Salesforce Labs that provides a suite to components to enable you to create a mockup of your page layouts in Salesforce itself before actually building those pages. It is like “whiteboarding” your idea and design, brainstorming and sharing it with your stakeholders and getting their approval.

Take a look at the following video (4 minutes approx.). It can be quite useful.

Salesforce – Mockup Components – Overview from Paul Roth on Vimeo.

And here is the link to the package on AppExchange

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