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#1MinuteTip Here is a cool app from Salesforce Labs that can help you monitor and reduce the technical debt from your Salesforce Org. Here is what this app can help you with:

  1. Object details: Get all the information about a particular object that includes general information, Apex Triggers, page layouts, limits, validation rules, standard and custom fields and more
  2. Custom field details: With “badness” score, dependencies (i.e. where all the field has been used) in a graphical representation
  3. Role details: Role hierarchy in a tree structure with color indicating whether the role has been assigned to users or not
  4. Automation details: Lists all workflow rules, process builders & Flows with flag on whether they are active or not and whether these automations perform any action or not
  5. Apex classes details: With score, API versions, whether defined with “With Sharing” or not, code coverage
  6. Apex triggers details: Lists the objects and how many active triggers do they have
  7. And more…

This app is definitely worth looking at.

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