Salesforce Apex Roadmap – What’s New and What’s Coming

#1MinuteTip Here is a roadmap on Salesforce Apex showing what’s new and what’s coming as shared in TrailblazerDX 2024. This includes:

  1. Zip Support in Apex
  2. Formula Evaluation in Apex
  3. Null Coalescing Operator
  4. UUID Support
  5. Callouts after Savepoint Rollbacks
  6. Apex Cursors
  7. Scheduled Jobs UI Enhancements
  8. Test SOQL Mocking of Data Cloud sObjects
  9. Better Testing for PostInstall
  10. Generica a.k.a Parametric Types
Salesforce Apex Roadmap -

For more details on these features, please refer to the YouTube video below (32:02 minutes)

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