Salesforce DevOps Center Now in Open Beta

#1MinuteTip Salesforce DevOps Center – a new product to manage change and release management in Salesforce – is now in open beta. Based on modern DevOps best practices, with Salesforce DevOps Center, you can:

  • Organize your work
  • Track changes automatically
  • Integrate seamlessly with GitHub for source control
  • Deploy changes with clicks
Salesforce DevOps Center

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What does “version” do in package.xml in Salesforce?

If you have worked with package.xml in Salesforce to retrieve or deploy components, you have seen the “<version></version>” tag. Do you know what exactly it does?

Version determines which version of Metadata API Salesforce will use to retrieve or deployment your components. And that will mean that only those properties will be retrieved or deployed that was available in that version.

Here is a package.xml file that I used to retrieve the same component (one custom object and one custom profile) with different versions. The Org that I used is currently on Winter ’22 Release of Salesforce (i.e. version 53.0)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<Package xmlns="">
        <members>AA System Administrator</members>

Salesforce Metadata Types that Do Not Support Wildcard Characters in Package.xml

When we want to retrieve or deploy metadata to a Salesforce Org, we use package.xml either with ANT command or using SFDX. And when retrieving metadata from a Salesforce org, it is quite common to use wildcard character asterisk (*) to retrieve everything of that metadata type.

For example, the following is used in package.xml to retrieve metadata about all custom objects.

<?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8 standalone=yes?>
<Package xmlns=>

#TDX21 – Impact Analysis of Changes in Salesforce with Panaya

#1MinuteTip #TDX21 Watched this video from #TDX21 on “Master Your Changes in Salesforce” and came to know about an AppExchange product from Panaya. With Panaya whenever you want to make a change to one of the exiting components (e.g. a custom field) you can run an analysis to get a picture of all dependencies and impact risk.

Impact Analysis of Changes in Salesforce with Panaya
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