#SalesforceSpring23 – Grant Explicit Access to Sandbox While Creating

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSpring23 You can now define who will have access to the sandbox, while creating the sandbox.

With selective sandbox access, grant access only to required users. It also removes the additional step for a Salesforce admin to change the user email address back to the original format. If you don’t want to match the access currently defined in the source org, you can create a public group to grant access to a subset of users.

Product Area: Development – Development Environments

Grant Explicit Access to Sandbox

If you don’t see the option “Sandbox Access User Group”, while creating the sandbox in your production org, please log a case with Salesforce.

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4 thoughts on “#SalesforceSpring23 – Grant Explicit Access to Sandbox While Creating”

    1. Hi Jagmohan, first you need to create a public group and add the users to that group. This is following the normal way of creating public groups and adding users. Nothing special here.

      Secondly when you are creating a sandbox, you need to select the public group for “Sandbox Access User Group” and all the users of this public group will be able to access the sandbox.

      Hope this clarifies.

  1. The link to the Spring ’23 Release Note Article is broken and wasn’t able to find any details on how exactly this works. Is it not GA?

    1. Hi Scott, it looks like this release note article has been removed. I got this enabled by logging a case with Salesforce support. You can try the same route. 🙂

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