How to Create Org Shape to Create Scratch Orgs

#1MinuteTip When we create scratch orgs (during the build phase to build the solution), it was often a challenge to mirror the features and settings of the Production Org. Unlike Sandboxes, scratch orgs do not inherit anything from the Production Org.

But now, you can create “Org Shape” from your Production Org and then spin up Scratch Orgs from it. So the flow looks like

Production Org -> Org Shape -> Scratch Org

With “Org Shape”, you can pre-define the features, Metadata API settings, edition, limits, and licenses that your scratch orgs should have. (Note that Org shape will still not get the custom metadata that you have built in the Production Org).

Here is a video (5 minutes) on Salesforce Developers channel on YouTube explaining Org Shape and how to create it.

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