A Video Series on Salesforce DevOps Essentials

#1MinuteTip Here is a series of videos on DevOps Essentials in Salesforce. One of the most useful set of videos you can watch on DevOps in Salesforce.

  1. Defining Your Pipeline: In the 1st episode, understand the different types of orgs that can be used for development and testing features before they go into production. Salesforce also shares the considerations to take into account when defining your pipeline stages and deciding the orgs to use on each stage.
  2. Adopting Source Control: In this second episode of the DevOps Essentials, Salesforce talks about what source control is and how you can adopt it in your Salesforce projects. They also share considerations to define your git branching model and to map it to your pipeline.
  3. Setting Up an Org for Development: In the 3rd episode learn Salesforce org setup for development: sandboxes, scratch orgs, metadata, users, permissions, packages, automation, and more!
  4. Salesforce CLI and VS Code: In 4th episode learn how to use the Salesforce development tools to deploy applications to source-tracked and non-source-tracked orgs following version control best practices.
  5. Continuous Integration: In this episode learn how implementing continuous integration in your Salesforce projects will reduce conflicts, ensure quality and prevent bugs, optimizing the development lifecycle.
  6. Promoting Changes Between Environments: 6th episode covers how to promote changes to your source version control system using git, and promote changes with the Salesforce CLI using the different deployment approaches, Full, Delta, and Unlocked Packages.
Salesforce DevOps Essentials

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