How To Set Up & Use Quick Text in Salesforce

Quick Text is a great productivity feature offered by Salesforce. It can save users’ time from typing repetitive text, again and again, such as greetings, answers to FAQs, etc. It can be used to standardize the messages being sent to the customer. You can define terminologies that the reps should use when communicating to customers so that they all speak the same language which in turn reflects your brand standards.

Quick Text can be used in email, chat, event, task, etc. Once enabled, you can set up separate Quick Texts for different functions by role and share with respective teams. In my previous blog on Macros, we saw a Sales use case of Quick Text. This time we’ll see how it can benefit support users. So let’s get started.

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See how Quick Text can make your support reps’ day to day lives easy giving them more time to focus on complex issues. Now you can discuss with your support team which things are repetitive, time-consuming and come up with Quick Text ideas to load in your team’s Arsenal. Once you make it available to them, they can shoot them like a bullet 🙂 

References & Useful URLs

  1. Help Article – Set Up and Use Quick Text (5 mins)
  2. Help Article – Share Quick Text (5 mins) 
  3. Help Article – Quick Text Considerations (10 mins) 

2 thoughts on “How To Set Up & Use Quick Text in Salesforce”

  1. Hi Ashish, regarding my earlier post on the missing Task & Event Channels, working through this in my other sandboxes it occurred to those options were simply missing from the Quick Text multi-select “Channel” field.

    Fyi, to avoid the one-way, irreversible Quick Text enablement in Classic I deliberately did not enable Quick Text in Classic where that opens-up addtl. object config in the Classic Quick Find menu that I did’t see on in the Lightning-only enablement. So Instead I edited the Quick Text multi-select Channel field directly in Lightning in Object settings.

    So plz disregard my earlier post, however now that I have my arms around Quick Text I’d be happy to contribute on this topic which I’ll be presenting shortly to the business. Thanks.

  2. Worked through the 3 reference URL’s and can’t figured-out why Task & Event are not available channels (as show in slide 26 of your presentation). The only caveat I’ve been able to find about Task & Event is in article #3 about not being able to use custom fields with those two objects. Has SF dropped Quick Text support for Task & Event?

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