Salesforce Einstein BotsA chatbot is an application that simulates human conversation, either aloud or via text message. Instead of having a conversation with a person, like a sales rep or support agent, a customer can have a conversation with a computer.

Chatbots can reduce the workload of support agents and free them from doing repetitive tasks. Requests like “What is the status of my order” or “please reset my password” can easily be answered/processed by a chatbot without involving a human. 

Bots can’t replace humans. But they can complement the support-chat experience, giving customers a friendly greeting and direct ways to get what they need—fast! 

Chatbot in Salesforce is named as Einstein Bots. 

With Einstein Bots, you can keep your service reps free from simple, repetitive tasks and they can spend more time on complex customer cases. If in case the bot is not able to resolve customer query, they can be made smart enough to transfer to an agent with chat history for appropriate resolution. It can save agents’ considerable amount of time in a day.  

Einstein Bot Builder

In Salesforce, it is easy to build, train and deploy a Bot. All this can be done with a point-and-click tool, the Einstein Bot Builder. No coding is required! You need to enable and create a Live Agent channel which is then used by the bot as a medium of communication with the customer.

With this step by step guide, you will learn exactly how to set up & configure your own Einstein Bots from scratch. In about next 30-45 minutes you will have an Einstein bot that will chat with the customer, take input, retrieve information from a custom object and display it back during the conversation. Here is an overview of the steps that are covered in this guide:

  • Set Up Live Agent
  • Create a Flow
  • Enable Einstein Bots
  • Create New Einstein Bot
  • Test the Einstein Bot

Sounds cool? Let’s dive in

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(Einstein Bots and Live Agent are an add-on available with Service Cloud license which needs to be purchased separately. Please get in touch with your  Salesforce Account Executive to find out more about the pricing)


  1. First, what’s a Bot? (10 mins) –
  2. What makes Bots tick? (10 mins) –
  3. Plan Your Einstein Bot (5 mins) – 
  4. Einstein Bot Basics – Trailhead Module (40 mins) – 
  5.  Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service – Trailhead Module (20 mins) –
  6. Build an Einstein Bot – Trailhead Project – (60 mins) –
  7. Best Practices for Conversation Design (10 mins) –