Display Right Recommendations at the Right Time to Your Users in Salesforce

Salesforce Einstein Next Best ActionEinstein Next Best Action (NBA) is yet another cool feature introduced by Salesforce for business automation. And like other tools, this can also be configured using clicks and not code. As it’s name suggests, it enables you to display right recommendations and actions to your agents at right time. It can also be used in communities to display recommendations to your customers. You can integrate data from Salesforce and non-Salesforce sources to get better insights and recommendations.

The concept behind Einstein Next Best Action is quite simple. You want to prompt users to take specific actions based on certain conditions. For example, if the customer does not have service contract, NBA prompts agents to  sell service contracts or if customer’s payment is overdue, NBA can prompt account executives to follow up.

Einstein NBA works on usage-based entitlements. All orgs receive free monthly allowance of 5000 requests. If you exceed this limit then Salesforce contacts you to discuss your usage pattern and pricing.

Strategy Builder

Yes, you read it right. We have another builder in town 😉 Strategy Builder is used to create action strategies. It has its own set of elements like Recommendations, Recommendations Logic & Branch Logic. It is interesting to see that you can surface these recommendations pretty much declaratively using this tool. This is where you create branches of different recommendations and its conditions to specify when to display them. Once done creating branches, then you can integrate data from different sources like Einstein Prediction Builder, IBM Watson etc.

NBA is an interesting and useful concept and hence this Step-By-Step guide. This guide will walk you through how Einstein Next Best Action works and how you can take benefit from it. Here’s what I will be covering in this guide:

  • Prework
  • Unhide Recommendations Tab
  • Create Recommendations
  • Create Strategy
  • Add Einstein Next Best Action Component to Lightning Record Page
  • Test Einstein Next Best Action

In next 20-25 minutes you will have a better understanding of this cool feature of Salesforce. So follow this guide to dip your toe in water. If it makes sense try it out with a use case for your company and wow your management 😊

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