Step by Step Guide to Getting Started with Code Builder

Guide to Getting Started with Salesforce Code Builder

Code Builder is the latest evolution of Salesforce IDE. From “ IDE for Eclipse” to “Salesforce Extensions for VS Code” to now “Code Builder”.

One of the major benefits of Code Builder is that it is a web-based IDE that you invoke from within your Salesforce Org. Unlike the previous two IDEs, you do not need to install anything on your PC. And despite being a web-based IDE, Code Builder has all the power and flexibility of Visual Studio Code, Salesforce Extensions for VS Code, and Salesforce CLI.

Code Builder provides a modern developer experience for all developers, regardless of expertise level. Code Builder makes it easy for admins and developers alike to work in the cloud without having to worry about downloading software, setup or your machine specs.

Do note that Code Builder is currently in Beta. Salesforce has capped usage for beta at 20 hours for a maximum of 30 days.

Here is your step-by-step guide to getting started with code builder in just under 30 minutes. This guide covers:

  1. Install Code Builder
  2. Setup Code Builder
  3. Get Familiar with Code Builder
  4. Org Browser in Code Builder
  5. SOQL Builder in Code Builder
  6. Retrieve & Deploy Metadata Using Code Builder
  7. Create & Deploy LWC through Code Builder

NOTE: Certain sections of the guide will appear as locked in the free preview. You can download the unlocked version of the guide in PDF format by subscribing to our “All Access” Pass through the link below.

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11 thoughts on “Step by Step Guide to Getting Started with Code Builder”

    1. Hi Kalyanakrishnan,

      Can you try unzipping the file with a different tool like “7-zip File Manager”. Someone else also reported issues with the zip file and it worked fine with a different unzip tool. Do try it out and let us know how it goes.


      1. The PDF does not work. I tried different way to save the file but it says file is corrupted. Can you please look at to that?

        1. Hi Dharmesh, this may be because of the tool that you are using to unzip the file. Can you try unzipping the file with a different tool like “7-zip File Manager”.

  1. Preetier is not wotking for me in code builder. Getting below error any clue –

    [“INFO” – 6:35:42 AM] Attempted to determine module path from /home/codebuilder/codebuilderdemo
    [“ERROR” – 6:35:42 AM] Failed to load module. If you have prettier or plugins referenced in package.json, ensure you have run `npm install`
    [“ERROR” – 6:35:42 AM] Cannot find module ‘prettier’ from ‘/home/codebuilder/codebuilderdemo’
    Error: Cannot find module ‘prettier’ from ‘/home/codebuilder/codebuilderdemo’

      1. Hi Ankit,

        Here is the response from Mohit (from Salesforce) on Twitter thread. Can you try this out and see if it fixes the problem?

        “Did you run npm install on the project? And then reload the project once installed?”

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