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#SalesforceSummer24 – Ask Einstein to Explain or Fix Formula

#SalesforceSummer24 Einstein for Formulas now helps you fix syntax errors in a formula in addition to providing an explanation for a formula.
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How To Use Prompt Builder To Generate Value for a Field in Salesforce

A step-by-step guide on how to use Prompt Builder in Salesforce to generate values for a field using generative AI capability of Salesforce.
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Einstein Copilot Free Trial

#1MinuteTip You can sign up for the free trial of Einstein Copilot at this URL. This will give a Developer Edition org but just for ...
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What is Einstein Copilot?

Discover Salesforce Einstein Copilot, the AI assistant designed for Salesforce CRM. Get data-driven responses, streamline workflows, and customize the assistant to your business needs.
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#SalesforceSpring24 – Ask Einstein to Explain Formula in Validation Rules

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSpring24 Soon, you will be able to ask Einstein to explain the formula used in validation rules.
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What is Retrieval Augmented Generation in Salesforce?

#1MinuteTip Retrieval Augmented Generation turns your unstructured data – like emails, call transcripts, and social media – into helpful, personalized answers from generative AI.
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What is Salesforce Vector Database?

#1MinuteTip Salesforce Vector Database, announced in December 2023, is a new component of the Salesforce Data Cloud.
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How to Use OpenAI’s New Assistants API in Salesforce

#1MinuteTip Came across this interesting use case on how to use OpenAI's new Assistants API in Salesforce to chat about a document.
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Salesforce 2030 – A Glimpse of an AI Future

#1MinuteTip Here is an interesting film by Salesforce showing how an AI future may look like. How AI might make life easier tomorrow and unlock ...
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