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What is Super Set Capstones in Salesforce?

#1MinuteTip Trailhead introduces Super Set Capstones.

What is a Super Set?

Super Sets are groups of related Superbadges that challenge Trailblazers to solve real-world use cases with Salesforce.

And what is a Captstone?

Capstone (definition: the high point; crowning achievement) assessment is a multiple-choice challenge associated with the super set.

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What is Salesforce Inspector?

#1MinuteTip Salesforce Inspector is one of the most popular productivity tools for Salesforce Professionals that allows to:

  • Quickly view field information directly from a record detail page, edit page or Visualforce page.
  • Quickly view and edit all data for a record, even data that is not on the page layout.
  • Perform quick one-off data exports and imports directly from within Salesforce. Data can be easily copied to and from Excel. No need to log in again when you are already logged in with your browser.
  • View current limits consumption
  • Simple access to user record details incl. simpler access to “login as”. E.g. when hopping between test users.
  • And more…

Here are a few screenshots of this tool in action:

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What is Salesforce Well-Architected?

#1MinuteTip Salesforce Well-Architected is an initiative launched by Salesforce that contains guidance, tools & resources to show architects what healthy solutions look like and where to spend time.

It will contain a fundamental framework for designing and road mapping solutions that are trusted, easy & adaptable along two dimensions (Capabilities & Behaviors) and will be available at URL https://architect.salesforce.com/

Salesforce Well-Architected

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What is Salesforce Revenue Intelligence?

#1MinuteTip Revenue Intelligence is a data-driven way to sell. This unites Tableau CRM dashboards and analytics with an easy-to-visualize pipeline progress flow chart in Pipeline Inspection, and more. It includes:

  • Einstein Forecasting
  • Einstein Activity Capture, and
  • other AI, forecasting, and customer engagement features

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What is a Business Model Canvas in Enterprise Architecture?

#1MinuteTip Came across this post “Using the Business Model Canvas in Enterprise Architecture” on Salesforce Architect’s channel on Medium.

Business Model Canvas is a one-page view into how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value, and enables you to target opportunity or drive improvement by focusing on a company’s business model.

For full details on using Business Model Canvas, nine blocks of business model canvas, its usage and benefits please refer to the URL mentioned above.

Business Model Canvas in Enterprise Architecture
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