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What is Retrieval Augmented Generation in Salesforce?

#1MinuteTip Retrieval Augmented Generation turns your unstructured data – like emails, call transcripts, and social media – into helpful, personalized answers from generative AI.

Here’s a breakdown of what RAG does in Salesforce:

  • Retrieval: Salesforce uses powerful semantic search technologies to find relevant snippets of information from your internal data sources, like emails, documents, and customer records. These snippets contain factual information and insights related to the task at hand.
  • Generation: The retrieved information is then fed into a generative AI model (like CodeT5 or Einstein Language) which uses its understanding of language and your data to generate a final response. This response is based on the retrieved facts and tailored to the specific context of the user’s query or the task at hand.

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What is Salesforce Net Zero Cloud?

#1MinuteTip Sustainability is one of the core values of Salesforce and to promote Sustainability Salesforce has come up with “Net Zero Cloud”

Net Zero Cloud is a sustainability management application that you can use to track, analyze and report your company’s environmental data. It helps you reduce your emissions and costs with built-in automation, real-time data and intelligent insights.

What is Salesforce Net Zero Cloud?
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What is Salesforce Genie?

What is Salesforce Genie?

#1MinuteTip In Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce Introduced Salesforce Genie, the main attraction of this year’s Dreamforce. But what is Salesforce Genie? Here is my understanding of Salesforce Genie after going through the various links and resources on Internet. I have tried to keep it simple to make it easy for me and you to understand.

1. Salesforce Genie is a product that will allow you to collect data from different systems in real-time in Customer Data Platform (CDP) on Salesforce. The key here is getting data in real-time. And how is the data collected from different systems? Salesforce Genie has built-in connectors that bring in data from any source, including Salesforce apps, mobile, web, connected devices, and even from legacy systems with MuleSoft and historical data from proprietary data lakes, in real time.

2. Once the data is collected, Genie will then harmonize the data in a single customer graph, creating a unified customer profile.

3. Next, this unified customer profile will be visible and actionable across Salesforce’s entire suite of products – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, MuleSoft, Tableau & Slack.

4. And then, with the data collected in real-time, you will be able to run your automations (using Salesforce Flow) & Einstein AI in real-time.

Here is an example of how Genie can help business – For example, if you lose your credit card and report it stolen at 3 p.m. Someone attempts to make a purchase using your card at 3:05, but is blocked immediately because the merchant uses Commerce Cloud Genie and receives up-to-the-second alerts. You can find more of such examples in the Salesforce Blog Post ‘What is Salesforce Genie?’ (link to post is mentioned below)

So, what Salesforce Genie will give you is Real-Time Data and provide you with Real-Time Intelligence that will enable you to run Real-Time Automation thereby giving you a Real-Time CRM. Ok, I know it sounds a bit cheesy but hope that you get the gist of it.

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What is Super Set Capstones in Salesforce?

#1MinuteTip Trailhead introduces Super Set Capstones.

What is a Super Set?

Super Sets are groups of related Superbadges that challenge Trailblazers to solve real-world use cases with Salesforce.

And what is a Captstone?

Capstone (definition: the high point; crowning achievement) assessment is a multiple-choice challenge associated with the super set.

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