Einstein Features Across Salesforce Products – A Cheat Sheet

#1MinuteTip In Salesforce with so many different AI (Einstein) features introduced across different Salesforce products, it often becomes confusing & difficult to understand what these features are, and which feature requires what kind of license.

I came across this extremely useful document “Einstein Features Cheat Sheet” listing all the AI (Einstein) features across different Salesforce products. It’s a simple and one consolidated guide to understanding the lay of the land with regards to Salesforce Einstein capabilities.

This includes:

  • Einstein for Sales
  • Einstein for Service
  • Einstein for Marketing
  • Einstein for Commerce
  • CRM Analytics
  • Einstein for Admins & Developers

This document lists:

  • Feature name (e.g. Einstein GPT for Salesforce, Einstein Activity Capture, Einstein Next Best Action etc.)
  • What does it do? (e.g. Automatically capture data & add to your CRM, Prioritize the leads/opportunities most likely to convert etc.)
  • What do you need? (e.g. the Salesforce edition, add-on license etc.)

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