Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Live Web Chat in Salesforce

Salesforce Live Web Chat (previously known as Salesforce Live Agent)
Salesforce Live Web Chat (Source: Salesforce)

Acknowledgement: This step-by-step guide has been contributed by one of the trailblazers – Khyati Mehta.

Salesforce Live Chat / Live Web Chat (previously known as Salesforce Live Agent) is a feature that allows customers to communicate with company via the web through instant message.

These days customers prefer Live Chat over the phone or email to communicate with the company. With Live Chat, communication is in near real time and is stress free.

In this guide we will take a look at how to configure live chat in Salesforce. We will get the basic Live Chat functionality configured and tested in just under 10 minutes and then take a look at some of the additional features and functionalities that Salesforce offers.

How To Setup Live Web Chat

And here is an outline of what we will be covering in this guide:

  1. Setup Live Web Chat
  2. Create Visualforce Page
  3. Test Live Chat
  4. Brand Chat Widget
  5. Incorporate Pre-Chat Form
  6. Enable Offline Form Submit

Do note that Live Chat in Salesforce offers much more than what we will be covering in this guide. So, the idea behind this guide is to help you get started very quickly and then you can explore all the additional bells and whistles on your own.

And here is the detailed step-by-step guide with screenshots.

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9 thoughts on “Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Live Web Chat in Salesforce”

  1. Super helpful thanks for sharing.

    Any ideas on how to provide the customer with the case number that was created in the offline support form, in the message where it says an agent will be in touch, here is your case #.

  2. Thank you for this blog and its very useful. Can you please let me how to change the label name in the Web chat window?
    Ex: Web Email – Email

  3. I am in new Salesforce Service org and cannot see option to enable Chat. It is not available under channel nor can it is available from Recommended All –> Chat with Customers. Can you please help as in what is it required to get Chat option enabled.

    1. What is the edition of your Salesforce Org, Anupama? But probably the best way to find this out will be to log a case with Salesforce Support or reach out to your Salesforce Account Executive (AE).

  4. Thanks for the useful information on Live web chat,

    Can you please add more slides on customizing like whenever all the agents are offline don’t want to use offline submit form instead of offline submit form wanted to use “Email Us”.

    And also is this possible to change the Icon to default Email Icon.
    1.When Agent online i need to see Chat Icon.
    2.When Agent offline i need to see Email Icon and “Email Us” button.

    1. Hi Priyanka, all you need to embed live chat is to paste the JavaScript code. So technically it should be possible as long as you can embed the code in your page. But what will be the use case of doing this?

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