Clone with Related Action Clones Objects Along with Their Related Records

#1MinuteTip The ‘Clone with Related’ action clones objects along with their related records. When clicked on the action, all of the original object’s related records are also added to the cloned object.

It proves beneficial in the case of recurring Opportunities and Campaigns. Your account reps no longer have to find and add related items one by one when they re-create those records.

clone with related action

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#Hashtag Records in Salesforce

#1MinuteTip You don’t need to create custom fields every time to capture information. Instead, you can #Hashtag records in Salesforce. #Hashtags are used to organize records around a common theme. Please click here to learn how to activate and use this feature in under 10 minutes

Hashtag records in Saleforce

Run Through Related List with Quick Filter

#1MinuteTip With Related List Quick Filter, you can quickly narrow down the data that you are looking for. Related list quick filter is different from regular list view filters in that they aren’t saved, persist only throughout your current session, and can’t be shared.

related list quick filter

How to Search on Number Fields?

#1MinuteTip Salesforce Global Search does not work on number fields. But you can still filter global search results by number range. Specify the filter columns in Search Layouts.

How to Search on Number Fields?

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Use Salesforce Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

#1MinuteTip Press ‘/’ for Global Search, ‘e’ to edit current record & ‘Command’ + ‘s’ to save. Use keyboard shortcuts & become a power user. Press ‘Command’ + ‘/’ ( ‘Ctrl’ + ‘/’ on Windows) to see what keyboard shotcuts are available on current screen

Salesforce Keyboard Shortcuts
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