How To Create & Send Custom Desktop/Mobile Notification in Salesforce

A Step-by-Step Guide to Notify Users When Important Events Occur

Custom Desktop/Mobile Notification in Salesforce

Empower your users to stay on top of important events with Salesforce Custom Notifications, a powerful feature introduced in the Summer ’19 release. Unleash the ability to send tailored push notifications on mobile devices or desktop alerts, ensuring your users are always in the loop.

Salesforce Custom Notifications Setup

Setting up Custom Notifications is a breeze and follows a straightforward, declarative process. Begin by creating a custom notification type. Enable notifications for both Lightning Experience and the Salesforce Mobile App. And then create a Flow with ‘Send Custom Notification’ action, that was introduced in Winter ’20 release.

Better Alternative to Email Alerts

Custom Notifications emerge as a superior alternative to traditional email alerts. Consider scenarios like creating a Case for an Account – sending a custom notification to the Account owner with Case details proves more effective than an email. Why? Clicking on the notification allows direct access to the specific record, minimizing app-switching and enhancing user experience.

Enhance user engagement and streamline communication within your Salesforce environment by implementing Custom Notifications. Invest 15-20 minutes in this guide to unlock the full potential of this feature. Your users will appreciate the real-time updates, and you’ll witness a seamless, efficient workflow in your Salesforce org. Ready to revolutionize your notification strategy? Try it out today!

Here’s what this guide covers:

  1. Enable Notifications
  2. Create a Custom Notification Type
  3. Create a Flow to Send Notification
  4. Test Custom Notification

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