Custom Launchpad SalesforceLaunchpad in Salesforce is a brand new feature being introduced in the Winter ‘21 release. Once set up, users can quickly access their frequently used tabs and pages with a click from the Salesforce desktop or mobile app home page. It is common amongst users to glance through a record to get ready before their meeting while in transit and to get to that record involved a few taps. Launchpad in Salesforce minimizes those taps saving some time.

Launchpad Lightning Web Component

Launchpad in Salesforce is a Lightning Web Component that shows prominent icons for the tabs it consists of for easier identification and navigation. This can be added to the Home, App, and Record pages. With regards to Form Factor, you can add it to desktop, and phone or only in one of them by setting the component visibility filter. The most relevant use case being for the mobile app as mentioned earlier. 

Supported Launchpad Items

The items available to be added in Launchpad are those that have tabs associated with them such as:

  • Standard & Custom Objects
  • Lightning Components
  • Lightning Pages
  • Visualforce Pages &
  • Websites

You can add up to 20 supported items, 6 being visible, and the rest with a ‘View More’ link to click on.

Note: If you are planning to include a web tab in the Launchpad, then it will not open the specified link within Salesforce, the reason being displaying content in an iframe is no longer available in Salesforce due to its security concerns. Check the relevant link to a Help Article in the resources section below for more information.

Launchpad in Salesforce is one of the new features introduced in Winter ’21  release. And with this step-by-step guide, it won’t take more than 10-15 minutes of your time to figure out the nitty-gritty of it. Here is what this guide covers:

  • Create a New Lightning Page
  • Add Launchpad Component to the Page 
  • Set Component Visibility Filter
  • Test Launchpad in Salesforce Mobile App

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