Feedback on Our Salesforce Blog – 15

#220 Thanks again for another brilliant series – I’m so grateful for these easy to understand bitesize emails to get me ready for new releases.

– Mary on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails on Salesforce Release Features Β via Email on 17-Nov-2021

#219 I liked especially the idea itself. We just discussed how to disable validation and automation for a record restore process – so, your blog came really just in time!! Also, we have seen this for triggers. It was new for me to use the same technique for valiataion rules and others as well as described in this document.

Your samples will help me to proceed, however, I have not started to develop this all, it’s just a user story in the backlog and the idea in my brain πŸ™‚ I will definitively use this article when I start. My first task is controlling trigger automation, later all the other stuff.

That’s why I cannot answer your questions in detail. A mix of idea, screenshots and links to external resources as a starting point for further research (if necessary) is the best what works for me.

I really appreciate all your blogs, thanks for everything.

– Elke on How To Bypass Automations & Validations in Salesforce for Mass DML Operations  via Survey on 16-Nov-2021

#218 Hi Ashish,
I have seen many of your articles and I really like the less but crisp details and how it comes as logically separated small bits easy to find and refer again and especially the screenshots .
Thanks a lot for such a great content.

– Shikha on A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Email-To-Case in Salesforce  via Survey on 15-Nov-2021

#217 Step by Step screenshots with callouts were the most important and I appreciated being able to read more detail below the screenshots. The nice thing about screenshots is the reader can quickly skip ahead. Videos are pain to make and edit on your side, and as a viewer, it’s tedious to watch and apply. You have highly detailed screenshots and callouts (many steps) so keep using this format.

– Chris on How to Send Rich Text Emails From Flows in Salesforce  via Survey on 15-Nov-2021

#216 Dear Ashish,

I’ll tell you what the feedback is: We are doing it. I had been looking at doing something like this for over a year and your post gave me an outstanding blueprint. We’ve decided to move ahead almost exactly along these lines – the ones you presented in the PDF.

Bests, (and a massive thank you)


– Matt on How To Bypass Automations & Validations in Salesforce for Mass DML Operations  via Email on 10-Nov-2021

#215 As always, your blogs are excellent and exceptional. Thanks

– Mathew on Step By Step Guide to Custom Permission in Salesforce  via Survey on 09-Nov-2021

#214 I think you thought of everything. Very detailed and comprehensive. I hope you will continue posting more useful tips.

– Natalie on How to Lock Records in Salesforce?  via Survey on 08-Nov-2021

#213 I love the way you explain how the process works. For every step theres a screenshot and even if it means the same process has to be REPEATED several times, you still do that, which is awesome. Its a definite PERFECT guide for a beginner

– Raaidha on A 60 Minutes Step-By-Step DIY Guide to Salesforce REST API for Non-Developers  via Survey on 06-Nov-2021

#212 I love that it is easy to follow. It is brief, concise, and right to the point. A lot of graphics and fewer words, that’s more effective than reading hundreds of release notes. THANK YOU!

– MK on Salesforce Flows – Winter ’22 Release Features  via Survey on 03-Nov-2021

#211 NA – Thank you for sharing your guides and learnings! I really appreciate your work and value these as I work to improve my skill set. Thank you again!

– Megan on Salesforce Flows – Winter ’22 Release Features  via Survey on 03-Nov-2021

#210 Love your blog and emails! Always super informative and digestible. Keep up the great work!!!

– Ralph via LinkedIn Message on 29-Oct-2021

#209 Its Really Nice and Great Work Ashish Agarwal

– Rahul via on Course: Mastering Salesforce Flows  via LinkedIn Post Comment 29-Oct-2021

#208 This is the only document I found with clear step by step explanations and all the relevant screencaptures. The explanation of how the datacategorygroup.Topic column works helped a lot. On this specific point Salesforce documentation was absolutely not clear enough.

– Koko on Step By Step Guide to Importing Articles in Salesforce Knowledge  via Survey on 26-Oct-2021

#207 The Step-by-Step screenshot with callout are very helpful. This is very easy to follow and makes everything clear

– Maria on Step-by-Step Guide To Consent Management in Salesforce  via Survey on 20-Oct-2021

#206 There were two aspects in which I found tremendous value.
a) the step by step screenshots – especially the interaction between SF and GCP which I believe would be difficult, at best, to describe in words but the screenshots not only showed exactly what to do but provided context on why it needed to be done
b) the external references. Because, for me, once I see it in practice then the reference materials provide deeper understanding because it isn’t abstract any longer, it is against a practical application that I developed.

– Joe on How to Integrate Document Management System with Salesforce using Salesforce Files Connect  via Survey on 11-Oct-2021

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